Family Videos

FEMBA students with families are interviewed about their experiences. 

 Tamurei Litt, UCLA FEMBA 2010 and Rutgers undergraduate, attended FEMBA as a stay-home mother of two children. Tamurei used FEMBA as a transition back to the workforce.

 Jeff Jenkins, UCLA FEMBA 2010 and University of Virginia undergraduate, Taco Bell, Brand Marketing.  Jeff and his fiance Kris talk about FEMBA as a couple.

 Olga Krasovski, UCLA FEMBA 2010 and Software Architect at Computer Sciences Corporation. Olga completed FEMBA as a mother of two young girls. She reflects on the experience.

 Amy Castillo, UCLA FEMBA 2009 working at the Walt Disney Company, with her husband. They discuss having a baby during FEMBA and the experience of life, work, school balance.