Master's Thesis

A real-world, international consulting project that takes you beyond the classroom and into a multinational company — transforming you into a global leader.


5 student teams in a 6 month fieldstudy with 1 high growth company creating 1 investment quality business plan

Global Access Program

By The Numbers

An unmatched experiential education

19 years, $722,000,000 in value added through capital raisin and mergers & acquisition activity. operating in 23 countries, 693 campanies worked with, 3000 plus students completed 

Real World Challenges

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UCLA Anderson’s Global Access Program (GAP) pairs students in their final year of FEMBA with high-growth global companies in a cross-cultural, market-entry consulting project.

Where do you want
to go?

Students with diverse professional backgrounds form five-person teams that bid for unique opportunities with select international companies. Each team must write an investment-quality business plan to present to experienced venture capitalists by the end of the program.

Masters Thesis - GAP

The Assignment

Conduct a 360-degree intensive analysis to develop an effective business plan designed to advance the company’s growth.

Consult with top executives to identify strengths, analyze weaknesses and pinpoint opportunities.

Spend six months conducting in-depth research, including market assessment, competitive analysis and other critical functions.

Complete international field study, meeting with company executives, attending conferences and conducting interviews.

Present finished business plans to company executives, industry professionals and seasoned investors.

Results-driven projects, real-world benefits

GAP is more than a thesis; it gives you real world experience:

  • »
    Develop a strategic road map for the various functions of an international company, including sales, marketing, operations, finance, management and more.
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    Master the cultural and structural challenges of growing an international business.
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    Gain insights from an esteemed faculty advisor, many of whom have directly managed and provided consulting services to leading companies worldwide.
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    Gain valuable experience as a consultant conducting extensive primary and secondary research.
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    Experience pitching an investment-quality business plan to venture capatalist.