A new schedule option to earn your MBA on-campus and online.


Make fewer trips to campus, get 100% of the UCLA Anderson MBA experience.

UCLA Anderson now offers an innovative hybrid scheduling option for their Fully Employed MBA Program. FEMBA Flex blends online and face-to-face learning environments, and is designed for busy working professionals who want an MBA but can’t come to campus every week. If you are considering FEMBA, but need greater flexibility based on your location or schedule, there is now an option that has been designed with you in mind.

With a requirement of only four weekend campus visits per quarter for core classes, the rest of the core curriculum takes place using FEMBA Flex's proven online learning platform – an effective, ground-breaking solution that is tailored to the needs of students with busy jobs, personal commitments, or lengthy commutes.


All core courses in FEMBA Flex blend the on-campus classroom experience with web-based lectures, interactive group work, and web-assisted learning tools. The on-campus classes require only four weekend visits to UCLA per quarter, beginning Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. and ending on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.

On-Campus Course Schedule
Saturday 2:00pm - 5:30pm
5:30pm - 6:00pm
6:00pm - 7:30pm
Class 1
Class 1
Sunday 8:00am - 9:00am
9:00am - 12:00pm
12:00pm - 1:00pm
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Class 2
Class 2

This schedule enables those who live outside of the immediate LA area to drive or fly to campus on Saturday morning and return to their homes on Sunday evening. Los Angeles International Airport is close to the UCLA campus and has frequent weekend flights to and from all major cities in California and the West.

The online videos are fun to watch and do a great job of introducing the important concepts that we discuss in the class. Being able to work through the online lessons on my own time is very important for my schedule.
Kelly Yee
Consultant, Kelly Yee, Inc.
Class of 2013

I'm currently a Marine Corps officer, stationed down here in Camp Pendleton. The reason I chose the Flex section boils down to two words, flexibility and balance.
Jason Fraser
Captain, USMC
Class of 2015 (commuting from San Diego)

While many part-time MBA programs offer classes after work hours, or on weekends, none offer the flexibility that Anderson School of Managment does. As a physician, my schedule is ever-changing and never fixed. In fact, ten percent of my Flex section is comprised of physicians.
Bhavik Patel, M.D.
Stanford Hospital
Class of 2015 (commuting from Palo Alto)

I've been teaching at UCLA Anderson now for twenty two years. In the last two years, I've had the opportunity to have classes with online viewers, and what I've found is that it's been a very positive educational experience.
Gonzalo Freixes
Associate Dean and Niedorf "Decade" Teaching Award Winner

No matter where you live, you can access UCLA Anderson, right here, right now. For the on-campus weekends you're here, real-time, face-to-face with the faculty, learning in a traditional campus environment.

Then, you go back to your home city, be it Dallas or Denver, Seattle or San Francisco, but you continue your education. You're still interfacing with the faculty. You're doing collaborative group work with your fellow students. You're taking all the benefits of UCLA Anderson and an MBA, and applying it straight into your career, first thing, Monday morning.
Dylan Stafford
Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions

  • What is FEMBA Flex?
    FEMBA Flex is a hybrid scheduling option for the Fully Employed MBA Program (FEMBA). The core courses in the FEMBA Flex section (excluding Leadership Foundations and GAP) combine 50% face to face and 50% online instruction. Students in the FEMBA Flex section will attend campus four weekends per quarter and will communicate and complete assignments online in the intervening weeks. In most other respects, the FEMBA Flex section will be equivalent to other FEMBA sections.
  • Is the degree the same?
    Yes. All FEMBA Flex students take the same core courses, are taught by the same faculty and receive the same UCLA Anderson MBA degree as the other FEMBA sections, as well as the full-time MBA and Executive MBA students.
  • Will I still participate in the Global Access Program?
    Yes. FEMBA Flex students will participate fully in the Global Access Program (Master's Thesis). Gap is a unique educational program that matches a team of students from the Fully Employed MBA Program with international companies to develop a comprehensive business strategy that enables the companies to move to the next stage of their corporate development.
  • Do I still do Leadership Foundations (the kickoff)?
    Yes. Leadership Foundations for the Fall of 2013 is scheduled for August 27-31.
  • Am I getting the same impact as the traditional FEMBA program?
    Yes. FEMBA Flex students will have access to all of the same resources and faculty support as the traditional FEMBA sections and will have many opportunities to network, collaborate, and get the most out of their MBA experiences both in-person and online.
  • Do I have to stay in Flex the whole time? Can I change to an on-campus section?
    For maximum networking benefits, we recommend that all students stay with their original section during core courses. If a student's circumstances change and a section change is needed, we do our best to accommodate them as long as seats are available in another section. In 2012, we actually had three people move into Flex from all-day Saturday, but we have not yet had anyone leave Flex.
  • Can I accelerate during my studies and complete the program in less than 3 years?
    Yes. Students may choose to complete FEMBA early by taking extra electives once they have completed their core courses. The program can be completed in as few as 27 months, graduating at the end of Fall Quarter of the third year.
  • Is there a different cost for Flex?
    No. All FEMBAs in an entering year pay the same fees, regardless of schedule. There are no out-of-state fees for FEMBA.
  • Do I still get financial aid?
    Yes. The Professional MBA Programs at UCLA Anderson offer low cost government Stafford loans and Grad PLUS loans to United States citizens and individuals with permanent resident status. Non U.S. citizens (on an H-1 visa) with a credit history may apply for private loans. Financial aid is available throughout the 33 months of the program. For more information please visit the financial aid section of this web site.
  • If I don’t want my FEMBA parking, can I get a refund?
    Yes. By signing a parking waiver, FEMBA Flex students can opt out of campus parking.
  • How often am I on-campus?
    During core classes, the FEMBA Flex section meets on campus four times per quarter on Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. Some classes may not require an in-person final exam and may therefore only meet three weekends in the quarter. Not all elective courses will be available in the same hybrid format. Therefore, depending on your elective choices, your schedule may change in the second and third academic years.
  • Can I choose the weekends when I come to campus?
    No. The campus weekends for FEMBA Flex are scheduled in advance.
  • Are exams online or on-campus?
    Final exams will be on-campus, during the last scheduled on-campus weekend of the quarter, unless otherwise indicated.
  • What if I’m sick for one of the mandatory weekends? Can I make it up online?
    With fewer on-campus sessions, attendance will be very important. All in-person class sessions will be recorded, however, so your professor may allow you to "make up" one missed weekend by watching the recorded class sessions online.
  • Will I have to log in at specific times?
    It varies. Online instruction will consist of a mix of asynchronous and synchronous activities. Though there will be deadlines for assignments and communication, most online activities will be "on your own time." Your professor will inform you when you may need to be online for a live class event. All online class participation will be recorded and monitored by the online learning management system.
  • If I don't do FEMBA Flex, can I take Flex electives in the second half of my FEMBA program?
    Yes, though first-priority access to hybrid Flex electives will be given to FEMBA Flex students. Other FEMBA students may be able to sign up for hybrid elective courses if space is available.
  • Does Flex use the same application?
    Yes. The application for FEMBA Flex is the standard FEMBA application. After you are admitted you will have a chance to state your preference for the FEMBA Flex section.
  • Do I have to take the GMAT (or GRE)?
    Yes. Either the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required for all applicants. There is no minimum score requirement for application to the FEMBA program. The FEMBA Admissions Committee considers a number of factors in selecting candidates for the program. The median GMAT for FEMBA is typically 690, with similar levels achieved on the GRE. The vast majority of our applicants take the GMAT.
  • Is my admittance dependent on / influenced by my section preference?
    No. Admissions decisions are not dependent on section preference, but you are not guaranteed to be placed in your first choice of section.
  • Who gets priority to be in the Flex section? How is that allocated? Is there a maximum number?
    Space in the FEMBA Flex section is limited. If you are interested in participating in FEMBA Flex, please indicate your preference and explain why the Flex section is your first choice. Top priority will be given to applicants with the perceived greatest need to participate in the Flex section based on geographic or scheduling constraints.
  • Can I just apply to the Flex section?
    No. Admissions decisions are given for the overall FEMBA Program and are not made by section. If you are only interested in the Flex section, please state your preference and your reasons to the Admissions department.
  • Are there mathematics and computer prerequisites?
    No. However, all prospective students should have a working knowledge of algebra and differential calculus before beginning their coursework. Also, admitted students must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Workshops are available at UCLA Anderson, and students are advised to achieve competency before beginning graduate study.

    Academic work involves accessing UCLA Anderson's electronic network, therefore each student is required to have an appropriately configured laptop computer. Admitted students will receive computer purchasing information and necessary laptop configuration details with their orientation materials.
  • How is this different from an online degree?
    FEMBA Flex courses blend equal parts face-to-face learning with online tools and activities. The in-person classroom component is a critical part of the process that FEMBA Flex students will engage in. Face to face interactions and activities enhance and inform the online sessions and vice versa. The student experience and network are also important take-aways, and the face-to-face time in Flex establishes a life-long professional network with peers and faculty.
  • What are the different online platforms?
    UCLA Anderson hybrid classes use Moodle for class webpages, Mediasite for videos, and Blackboard Collaborate for live online interactions. All software will run on any modern computer.
  • How are assignments turned in?
    Assignments will be submitted both in-person and online via digital dropbox.
  • Are faculty the same?
    Yes. The faculty who teach in the FEMBA Flex section are the same faculty who teach the other FEMBA sections, as well as the full-time MBA and Executive MBA classes.
  • How much groupwork is there?
    FEMBA Flex courses will engage in an equivalent amount of groupwork as the traditional FEMBA sections. Groups in the Flex section will typically spend more time meeting online than other sections.
  • What are the elective options?
    There will be a limited number of hybrid electives offered each quarter in the FLEX format. After completing their core courses, FEMBA Flex students may continue to take hybrid electives or may select from any of the other available electives in the traditional, on-campus format.
  • Can I take international-study travel electives?
    Yes. The International Studies and Exchange Program is expanding rapidly. FEMBA Flex students are free to apply to any of the destinations. In 2012, FEMBAs chose from twelve different country options.
  • Can I meet with my professor, in-person, phone, or online?
    Yes. All of these options are available, depending on the professors' schedules.
  • Will FEMBA offer more Flex/Hybrid options in years to come?
    Yes. Our current plan is to continue to expand our hybrid elective course offerings for the foreseeable future.
  • If I am in an on-campus section and I miss a lecture, can I make it up by accessing the Flex courses online?
    Unfortunately, the presentation and pace of instruction in the Flex section is likely to be different enough so that cross-over between sections is not allowed.
  • Can I come to campus on my "non-Flex" weekends, for clubs, speakers, events, social life?
    Absolutely! We encourage FEMBA Flex students to come to campus for workshops, social functions, and any other events as often as their schedules allow. For those who cannot attend, many events will be streamed and made available as a recording online.
  • How will I get my books?
    Textbooks are available for purchase on campus and can also be ordered online for delivery by mail.
  • Are accommodations provided for Saturday nights?
    No. Currently, all FEMBA Flex students are responsible for arranging their own lodging.
  • Can I use on-campus recruiting services?
    FEMBA Flex students will have the same access to the Career Services staff, resources, and events that all FEMBA students enjoy.
  • Can I still join clubs?
    Yes. There are no limits to the number of clubs, teams, and committees that you can join as a student in FEMBA Flex.
  • How will I network with my fellow FEMBAs? Will it be weekend-only?
    You will have many opportunities to interact with your classmates online, in addition to weekend activities. Also, you are invited to all FEMBA networking events which may not necessarily fall on the weekends when your classes are scheduled. And, of course, FEMBA Flex students and grads will be a part of and have the same access to the UCLA Anderson MBA alumni network and database of contacts.