Class Times

Core courses are offered in three schedules, called "sections". Students attend class in their section for year one and through Fall Quarter of year two. Subsequently, students choose their electives courses, independent of their core schedule.

Class of 2016 Schedule Options
Section Day(s) Class Times
1 or 2 Saturday 9:30am-12:45pm; 2:00pm-5:30pm
3 or 4 Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm-9:45pm
5 Flex (Saturday & Sunday, one weekend per month) Hybrid On-Campus & Online
(50% on-campus, meeting 1 weekend per month, then 50% online)

Sections are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis by date of admission deposit. The FEMBA program reserves the right to re-assign sections to accommodate certain situations, where necessary. Section schedules may change for each entering class.


FEMBA electives provide maximum choice of content, faculty and scheduling for busy, working professional students.

FEMBA elective courses are offered Monday-Thursday afternoons and evenings, Saturdays, in our Flex hybrid format, and in our very popular one-week intensive international programs offered in twelve different countries around the world. Additionally, FEMBAs may co-enroll into day-time MBA student electives held Monday-Friday during business hours, and FEMBAs may take up to two of their electives outside of UCLA Anderson from over 100 graduate degree programs at UCLA.

Elective courses and the Global Access Program (GAP) international field study may require students to be on campus at times other than the schedule for core courses. The FEMBA program cannot guarantee that all desired electives will be scheduled in every available format. Please note, many FEMBA-centric events such as Career Services, Club Fairs, Special Outside Speakers, and other events may occur on Saturdays.