The FEMBA program is a 33-month part-time MBA program.   Students receive a general management degree taught by the same distinguished Anderson faculty that teach the Full Time MBA Courses.   FEMBA is designed for mid-career working professionals and provides 3 scheduling options during core courses, and even more schedules during electives.  Some students accelerate and graduate after 27 months.  

The first half of the program is a set of 44 units of core courses, while the second half consists of 40 units of elective courses.  The master's thesis of the FEMBA program is an intensive six-month field study called the Global Access Program.  GAP is a required course for all FEMBA students.  Students select from a wide variety of FEMBA electives (scheduled in multiple formats), and can choose to take electives with Full Time MBA students during regular business hours or with Executive MBA students.