FEMBAs create breakthroughs in their careers

Creating the next Career Move that is going to exceed your expectations... How does UCLA help you do it?  Below, FEMBAs tell their experiences, catalyzing their own careers and also coming back to UCLA as alumni and hiring other UCLA Anderson MBAs.

Rosco Newsom, UCLA FEMBA 2010, Eaton Corporation, back on campus two years after graduation, hiring our full-time MBAs through the Parker Career Management Center.

Jennifer Jenson, FEMBA 2006 and Director of Harvest Home, and Ashley McCarthy, FEMBA 2007 and Senior Director at British Telecom for Collaboration Sales Executives, reflect on the short, medium and long-term value of their FEMBA degree.

Jeremy Lai, UCLA FEMBA 2012, uses a whiteboard an explains his successful, and circuitous route to a breakthrough in his career.

Tim Frank, UCLA FEMBA 2012, used FEMBA to make a career shift into Google. Hear how he did it.

Sam Fatoohi, UCLA FEMBA 2012, back on campus with his new firm (did a career switch) hiring MBAs from our full-time MBA program.

Brad Hileman, Armin Khoddam, John Ying reflect on the three years of FEMBA on their graduation day.

Brad, Armin and John reflect on their three years at UCLA FEMBA, on the day of graduation. Armin shares about getting hired by his GAP company and moving to Finland. John shares about being married and transitioning into management. Brad about improving his I-Banking career.

Ann Le (FEMBA 2008), Universal Pictures (UC Berkeley, 2000); John Blakkan (FEMBA 2008), Spirent Communications, Director of Global Test (Ball State University, 1979); Gene Hui (FEMBA 2008), FedEx Kinkos, Center Manager (UCLA, 1998)

How GAP impacted our careers:

Daphne Kelley (FEMBA 2007), GE Capital, Financial Manager, Capital Markets (UC Berkeley, 1995); Howard Wang (FEMBA 2007), Ares Management, Financial Services (UC Berkeley, 1997); Nita Losoponkul (FEMBA 2007), Chevron, Global Marketing Associate (California Institute of Technology, 2001)