Tuition and Fees

Non-Refundable Application Fee: $200
Non-Refundable Admission Deposit: $1500
Current Academic Annual Program Fee for Class of 2017: $38,040

Fees are subject to change on an annual basis. Admission Deposit will go towards the Fall Quarter Fees of the first year. Program fee covers tuition, university fees, use of UCLA Anderson's computing facilities and library databases, admission to selected speaker events and all-year, on-campus parking. Expenses beyond the program fee include, but are not limited to, miscellaneous expenses for the GAP international field study program, a laptop computer, and books and materials. Optional programs such as global study programs, exchange programs, or other special programs/courses have 'additional fees' associated with them that are not part of the total program fee.

Two payment options are available:

  • Single, lump sum payment, due August 20th
  • Three installments, due according to the following payment schedule:
        Fall quarter, August 20th
        Winter quarter, December 20th
        Spring quarter, March 20th

Students electing to accelerate their coursework and graduate early will be assessed fees for the full three years.

Although some employers opt to pay for and/or reimburse the cost of an employee’s FEMBA education, there are many participants who are self-funded and pay their own tuition fees without corporate sponsorship.

For 99% of working professionals, the cost of the program is tax deductable (Consult a tax professional for details specific to your situation).