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Dylan Stafford
Dylan Stafford - Assistant Dean Fully Employed MBA Programs
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Each year, the UCLA Anderson Fully Employed MBA (FEMBA) Admissions Committee admits a talented and diverse class from among a very competitive applicant pool. My goal as Director of Admissions is to ensure that on your first day of Leadership Foundations, as you look left and right at your new fellow classmates, you say to yourself, "This is going to be great. This is an amazing community that I have joined and will be a part of for the next 33-months and beyond."

There are no short cuts in the selection process: each candidate is carefully evaluated with respect to his or her ability to handle the academic demands of the program and potential for continued growth as a manager and leader. I would like to share five pieces of advice that may assist you in the application process.

Attend an Open House on-campus, or Information Session off-campus.

We hold events each fall and spring. We always have volunteers (current students and alumni) who donate their time to answer your questions. Verify for yourself that UCLA Anderson's FEMBA program is the right place for you.

Apply as early as you can in the process.

Each year, we regrettably turn away many qualified candidates who waited until the deadline to apply.

Give serious thought to your essays.

Candidates who earn admission communicate a sense of purpose and present their personality through their essay responses.

Sign up for an optional admissions interview.

You can opt-in for an admission interview on-campus, one interview date per round. The interview is an additional data point to best present your application to the Admissions Committee. You sign up online in the link in the application confirmation email.

Finally, let the application process support your professional development.

Applying to business school is an investment of your time and resources. The impact of an MBA degree to your career begins long before your first day of classes. Let the process of evaluating your current career trajectory and future aspirations serve you as you take control of your future. Applying to graduate school can be a very rewarding experience and process in its own right.

We truly appreciate your interest in the UCLA Anderson Fully Employed MBA program. We hope that you will view the UCLA Anderson School FEMBA experience as the right investment for you to receive a world-class professional education and achieve fulfilling and rewarding personal growth and development

To climb higher, you need to start higher. UCLA Anderson has earned its global reputation over the last 75 years and FEMBA has been ranked #1 and #2 and Best in the West by the major business publications in the past decade. We want that reputation to help you succeed in your future too. Nationally rated, internationally respected, without question a degree from UCLA Anderson takes you further.

  • #1, 18 years and counting. We're ranked Southern California's best part-time MBA Program every year.
    1996 to present in US News & World Report
    2007 to present in Bloomberg BusinessWeek
  • #1 Part-Time MBA Program — Bloomberg BusinessWeek
    November 2007
  • #2 Part-Time MBA Program — Bloomberg BusinessWeek
    November 2009, 2011
  • #1 Faculty in Intellectual Capital — Bloomberg BusinessWeek
    2006 and 2004
  • Best in Entrepreneurship — Financial Times
    2008, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002
  • #2 Return on Investment — Forbes 2005, rankings issue

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