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The leadership development portfolio of activities in the UCLA Anderson EMBA program is designed to develop emotionally intelligent leaders and focuses on key competencies. Leadership Development Program components include:


'Leadership Foundations' is a required course that examines leadership development from individual, team and organizational perspectives. In the first year, Leadership Foundations starts with the Opening Residential, continues into the fall quarter and concludes at the end of the first year. Second year Leadership Foundations continues in the winter quarter and ends just prior to the International Residential.

Leadership Foundations - First Year: sets the stage with a focus on self-evaluation of leadership strengths and weaknesses; developing self-assessment, self-reflection, individual problem-solving, decision-making, goal-setting and goal-achievement skills; as well as peer coaching and teamwork.

Leadership Foundations - Second Year: focuses on individual career development; organizational social networking, team design and execuitive communication and presentation skills. The continuing assignment in both years is the creation and development of a Leadership Map, which serves as a developmental blueprint for students as they move through the EMBA program and strengthen their leadership. The Leadership Map is revisited throughout the entire EMBA program to revise and refine throughout the 22-month program.


Series of presentations by leading experts on leadership, emotional intelligence and 360-degree assessments
Elective classes that focus on key leadership communication skills such as persuasion, thinking on your feet and negotiations

PRACTICAL TOOLS -- Two personalized assessments and individual detailed feedback reports

Emotional Intelligence - View 360: a multi-rater feedback instrument that measures critical leadership, relationship, interpersonal and communication competencies related to emotional intelligence


Support for students as they create and implement their individual leadership-development plans
Online tools and resources, including access to a web-based learning system that is directly connected to the 360 assessment and allows students to monitor their leadership development plans.
A comprehensive competency-based leadership-development resource center
The opportunity to get individual coaching from an executive coach on their leadership development plans


UCLA Anderson invites many of the world's most prominent leaders from the business, nonprofit and public sectors, as well as leadership experts to speak to Executive MBA students and share their views, insights and advice on what it takes to be a successful leader.

Our recent past speakers include Kevin Sharer, CEO, Amgen Inc.; Julia Stewart, CEO, IHOP; Betsy McLaughlin, CEO Hot Topic Inc.; Wes Bush, President, Northrop Grumman Corp.; Richard Riordan, Former Mayor of Los Angeles; and leadership expert Marshall Goldsmith.