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Anderson’s Strategic Management Research (SMR) program gives organizations in the U.S. and around the world the opportunity to engage a consulting team of five to six experienced professionals in their final year of study for the Executive MBA. SMR is led and administered by individuals who have extensive experience managing field study programs in both academic and professional settings.

The EMBA team represents a cross-section of business functions and specialties, such as marketing, finance, technology and operations. EMBA students have an average of 14 years of professional experience and collectively contribute an estimated 2,000 hours to the strategic plan for each company.

UCLA Anderson will be accepting applications in Spring for 2017-2018

Past Companies

Advanced Bionics
Channel M
CoDa Therapeutics
Countrywide Financial
Eastman Kodak
Fiji Water / Roll International
GBH Communications
General Electric
Guitar Center
Harris Moran Seed Company
Hewlett Packard
Homes for Life Foundation

Intelleflex JAMS
Johnson & Johnson
JSB Development
Kaiser Permanente
Olympus Pictures

Pacific Life
Phyber Communications
Prima Electronics
Road Runner Sports
Ros Roca
St. John's Medical Center
St. Jude Medical
The Jackson Laboratory
Visual Engineering

Company Application


Thank you for your interest in the SMR program. UCLA Anderson is accepting applications for 2016, with the following company selection criteria and investment requirements:

  • An identified need by the company or a division of the company
  • Participation by senior company executives with extensive business experience
  • Management commitment of personal time to enable successful program
  • Product/service currently generating revenue
  • Customer validation of products or services
  • Full access to strategic and financial data
  • Significant positive cash flow to enable continuing operations for 1-2 years
  • Top management participation in program launch and final presentations
  • Interview with SMR Director to define preliminary project scope
  • $15,000 program fee
  • Additional fees may be incurred if your project requires international travel

SMR Program Applications

UCLA Anderson will be accepting applications in Spring for 2017-2018