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Strategic Management Research

The Strategic Management Research (SMR) Program of the Executive MBA Program involves two parallel strategic objectives: One for companies and one for EMBA students. For the companies, the SMR Program is an opportunity to envision the next stage of strategic direction as it is mapped by a group of experienced professionals and presented in both strategic presentation and written report. For the students, SMR is an opportunity to deploy all they have learned to help a real company, who has a real business challenge to create an in-depth strategic business plan.

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Program Overview

EMBA's Strategic Management Research (SMR) Program provides organizations around the world an opportunity to engage a consulting team of experienced professionals who are students in the UCLA Anderson EMBA program.

The SMR Program matches companies and organizations around the world with five to six Executive MBA students in their final year of study. The EMBA team represents a cross-section of business functions and specialties, such as marketing, finance, technology and operations. EMBA students have an average of 14 years professional experience and collectively contribute an estimated 2,000 hours to the strategic plan for each company.

The EMBA students and company representatives agree on a scope of work that will result in an in-depth strategic business plan at the behest of an organization's management. The plan typically involves:

  • Launching a new product or service into an existing market
  • Launching an existing product or service into a new geographical market
  • Offering an existing product or service into a new market segment
  • Developing a new product or service for a specific market segment
  • Leveraging existing intellectual property into new products/services and new markets
  • Providing an in-depth analysis of an organization's restructuring, reorganization or acquisition plans

The strategic plans incorporate financial, marketing, operational and strategic recommendations based on extensive primary and secondary research that the team will conduct. The plans can include an analysis of the organization's value proposition in relation to the competitive environment.

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