We evaluate applicant's prospects as future leaders and their ability to succeed in and benefit from our Executive MBA Program. We strategically create 12 study groups that represent diverse backgrounds and provides a rich learning environment.

Admission Criteria
The Executive MBA Admissions staff is interested in getting to know you before we process your application. Hence, we encourage you to contact us before you submit your application.

The Executive MBA Admissions Committee considers a number of factors in selecting a candidate.

Each applicant must demonstrate:

  • Experience and expertise that will contribute to the overall educational experience.
  • Ability to do 'Graduate-level' coursework
  • Management achievement and potential
  • Willingness and ability to meet program commitments

Each applicant is carefully considered on the basis of:

  • Professional accomplishments
  • Leadership potential
  • Academic history based on transcripts
  • Recommendations from those who have managed you
  • GMAT or GRE scores and/or TOEFL Scores(if required)
  • Motivation and commitment

Required Educational Background
A candidate for admission must hold a 4-year bachelor's degree from a university of fully recognized standing. Applicants who have attended institutions outside the United States should have completed 16 years of study; 12 years must be completed at the elementary and secondary school levels and 4 years at the college level. Evidence of strong quantitative skills is required, regardless of the undergraduate major.