Study Groups

Study Groups in the Executive MBA program at UCLA Anderson are created strategically based on Board of Directors philosophy. Each study group includes a professional who represents Marketing, Finance, Engineering, General Management and 2 or 3 others so there's a diverse representation of functions and industries such as: healthcare, entertainment, aerospace, consumer products, manufacturing, oil & gas, etc.

Study groups serve two basic purposes:

  1. Balance: Study groups helps individuals to balance work, family and school demands.  Classmates support each other by sharing assignments and collaborating to enrich the learning experience.
  2. Share and Teach: Each student selected to the Executive MBA program offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of industries so that they get the opportunity to learn from each other when discussing course material, cases and readings. 

Three Study Groups are created during the 22-month program.

The first Study Group is assigned during Leadership Foundations in September and consists of five or six students on the basis of functional area and industry.

The second Study Group is assigned maintaining the industry and functional area diversity and adding geography to the mix.  

The third Study Group is self-selected by the Executive MBA students themselves and this group works together during the last two quarters which includes the of Strategic Management Research (SMR) program.