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International Programs Credits & Fees

Our goal is to give Executive MBA students an opportunity to acquire direct international experience in foreign countries. The programs are intended to prepare our students to think more globally, develop an educated world view and become more sensitive to the business cultures of other nations. Students learn about global issues through direct experience abroad.

Course Credits
Each elective course is worth 4 units of Management 455e. Please note that only 4 units from the International Exchange or International Studies Program can count toward your EMBA degree. For students who take an additional international elective, the additional 4 units will appear on the student's transcripts but will not count towards the EMBA degree requirements, and will not replace any EMBA coursework.
* EMBA students: Only one Exchange or International Studies elective can count toward your MBA degree.

Attendance in all International Studies class sessions and any pre-course sessions is mandatory. Class sessions are held all-day (9am-5pm) during the indicated class dates. Further, students are required to complete all pre and/or post-course seminars and post-course deliverables as assigned by faculty to receive credit for the course. To be eligible for the International Studies, students must be in good academic standing (at least a 3.0 GPA).

Program Fee
In addition to quarterly Executive MBA program tuition, an international studies program fee is required for each international studies course. The fee covers local course administration, lodging, some meals and some local tours sponsored by the program. The fee is approximately ~$2,500. Note that a non-refundable deposit of $500 (which counts towards the international studies program fee) will be assessed to your BAR account. Dates and deadlines will be announced to registered students.

The Exchange Program is based on tuition-reciprocity which means that UCLA Anderson students pay their regular EMBA registration program fees to UCLA. In turn, we will host a student from a partner MBA school that has paid tuition to their home school.  The goal is to have an exchange of students, so all tuition costs are offset.  However, students should expect to pay for all travel, room and board expenses while abroad. Partner schools will provide general guidelines and list of lodging options for UCLA Anderson students.

Students are responsible for the following:

  1. Round-trip airfare
  2. Tourist Visa and/or country entry fee (if required) and current passport
  3. Airport transit costs, ground transportation (not directly associated with the program),  incidentals, and personal expenses.
  4. Any optional tours or excursions (beyond those included in the scheduled program)
  5. Students are required to enroll in the University trip insurance and sign a university waiver

Eligibility: EMBA students at the end of the first year are eligible to apply. Students must be in good academic standing in the EMBA program and must submit a complete application to be considered.

Elective Offerings
Current students can register for these courses via the following link: http://internal.anderson.ucla.edu/femba/international-studies/index.htm (log-in required)

Note: Program offerings and dates are subject to change.

Jamie Saure, Program Manager