Two-Year Program Snapshot:

Term Year One Year Two

Leadership Foundations I

Data Analysis

Marketing Strategy & Policy

August Elective Block

International Studies & Exchange Program

Operations & Technology Management Systems

Customer Information Strategy

Pre-Winter Residential

Field Study: Strategic Management Research (SMR)

Program Company Launch - Residential


Managerial Accounting

Economic Analysis for Managers

Field Study: SMR

Management of Human Resources

Advanced Financial Policy for Managers



Financial Polcy for Managers

Leadership Foundations II

Field Study: SMR

Competitive Strategy & Business Policy

Leadership Foundations III

Post-Spring Residential June Elective Block International Business Seminar - China

June & August Elective Blocks
The Elective Block is a unique component of the EMBA program. It consists of five to six elective courses offered in five consecutive days in June and August. Each course offered in the elective block is two units. Students have the option of taking one to two courses during the elective block. Students are advised to take no more than 2 courses in an elective block week. Two block courses is equivalent to one regular elective course in terms of units.

The selection can vary each year, but the following electives are a snapshot of what is offered in 2012:

June Elective Block
Financial Statement Analysis
Business Plan Development
Business Strategy in Emerging Markets
Financial Modeling & Valuation for Entrepreneurs
Mergers & Acquisitions

August Elective Block
Business Law
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Brand Management
'Doing Deals'

EMBA 2011 Ron Green

Study Groups
During the first residential, students are assigned to groups based upon their functional area so they can approach their work for the first two quarters from a diverse perspective. There is the opportunity to work in different groups in subsequent terms. Study groups form the organizing element of the many projects EMBA students undertake throughout the program. After the Leadership Foundations course, the remaining courses are sequenced in a manner that balances the essential components of:

  • the acquisition of functional tools.
  • an understanding of the functional components of business organizations and how they interrelate.
  • a continual emphasis on strategic management issues established during Leadership Foundations.

The strategic focus is essential to the Executive MBA Program design. Rather than deferring consideration of such issues until all of the "building blocks" are in place, instructors are able to focus on the larger picture from the onset of the program, even in courses whose titles don't necessarily suggest a strategic component.

The strengths and talents of the EMBA faculty are as fundamental as the program design to the success of the program. EMBA instructors are a select group among the already outstanding UCLA Anderson faculty, chosen for their special ability to engage students who themselves have considerable breadth of business knowledge and experience.