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UCLA Anderson provides Executive MBA students with opportunities to build career management skills through numerous dedicated and tailored EMBA career resources which enable students to develop a blueprint for achieving their career goals and continuing to advance at the executive level.

  • Executive Career Coaching
    • Mahesh Vidyasagar quoteThe EMBA career coach is available for confidential, one-on-one career counseling appointments during each class weekend, in-between class weekends by phone and/or in-person, to assist students in career management, determining their next steps and developing strategies to reach their career goals.

      The EMBA career coach also provides specific assistance with:

      · Self-assessment (including online assessments)
      · Career management strategies for leveraging the MBA and advancing within your current organization
      · Skill development (e.g., resumes, cover letters, networking, interview coaching)
      · Job offer evaluation and negotiations

  • Executives in Residence
    • Jennifer Battle quoteExecutives in Residence are high level, experienced experts in their industries including banking and finance, marketing/brand strategy, engineering, consulting and technology leadership, and are available to meet individually with EMBA students. These executives share industry insight and knowledge, provide students opportunities to engage in conversations specific to their industries of interest and give coaching to those students already in their fields who want to advance, and to students targeting their particular fields or industries.

  • Executive Career Workshops
    • Career management workshops and programs for EMBAs are held regularly each quarter on Saturdays at lunch during class weekends on a variety of career topics such as preparing for the next career move, networking, interviewing, negotiating the job offer, researching and targeting companies, strategies for career advancement and how to work with executive recruiters.

      1st year:
      EMBA students are offered a year-long series entitled "Marketing Yourself for the Job You Want," which begins early in the fall quarter. The workshop presentations focus on the key principles of marketing as applied to the career management and job search process. The take-away is a written career marketing plan that students develop during the series. Whether students are seeking to move within their current organizations or do an external job search, the same strategies covered in this series apply to both!

      2nd year:
      EMBA students take a more in-depth look at additional career management topics to the ones covered in the first year, and include alumni career panels and guest speakers.

  • Executive Resources
      Professional MBA Career Management Center website: This site has extensive content tailored specifically to career needs of UCLA Anderson's EMBA students, including effective, how-to practical information and links to the best websites for everything from self-assessment, career management and job search strategy, researching and targeting the job market, to resume writing, interviewing, networking and negotiating the job offer.

Recorded Career Webinars: Many of the career workshops and programs held for EMBA and FEMBA students are recorded. Also contained in the Pro-MBA CMC website is a library of close to 50 recorded career webinars, podcasts and presentations held on campus by a number of speakers, career experts, book authors and career panels. These recordings are viewable on demand and are on a variety of career, industry and job search topics.

      Opportunities occur during the program for EMBA students to network with students from the other two MBA programs. Twice a year there is an All Anderson Networking Event held on campus during class weekends. In addition, there are double EMBA class weekends each year which give first and second-year EMBAs the opportunity to meet and network with each other, as well as periodic Saturday lunches with the FEMBA students.

      UCLA Anderson Student Associations: There are more than 40 student organizations on campus and they are very professional, extremely well-organized, and all very active in networking with industry professionals. The associations sponsor a variety of career activities, including speaker events, panels, roundtables, workshops and career nights. Student associations are open to all Anderson students and they love having EMBA students as members.

      For students interested in making a career shift or job change, UCLA Anderson provides employment-related resources to facilitate, support, and coach EMBA students as they develop their job search strategies, but it important for prospective EMBA students to understand that the school does not perform a placement function.

      "Parker Posting" Job Posting Site
      These job postings are exclusively for the UCLA Anderson student and alumni community and include upper management and executive-level positions.  Employers are able to post their positions at no charge. All postings come from companies that are specifically interested in hiring UCLA Anderson MBA students and alumni. Anderson students and alumni review the listings and contact the firms directly.

      Experienced MBA On-Line Resume Book
      All EMBAs are welcome to participate in the UCLA Anderson Experienced MBA Resume Book which is made available to employers and contains resumes of Anderson's, EMBAs, FEMBAs and alumni.

      EMBA On-Campus Recruiting
      On-campus recruiting is open to EMBA students in their second year for full-time positions, and in the beginning of their first year for summer internship positions.

      All UCLA Anderson students are able to access and connect with all alumni resources as soon as they enroll as students.

      UCLA Anderson Alumni Directory: All UCLA Anderson students and alums have access to the on-line Alumni Directory. The UCLA Anderson Alumni Network is a powerful resource for connecting with alums locally or worldwide. The database can be searched by region, industry, job function, company name or UCLA Anderson student club membership. Anderson alumni are characteristically very supportive and helpful to other members of the Anderson community, so this is an EMBA student's most important networking resource!

      Alumni Chapters: With more than 50 domestic and international chapters and regional representatives, the mission of the UCLA Anderson Alumni chapters is to provide alumni as well as current students with ties to their region opportunities to network and to build a personal as well as professional community with other UCLA Anderson alumni. EMBAs are encouraged to join their local Anderson alumni chapter as students and get an early start in building their Anderson networks.

      UCLA Anderson LinkedIn Group: This group is the official LinkedIn resource for all current UCLA Anderson students and alumni and has over 11,000 members. There are also numerous industry subgroups within the UCLA Anderson LinkedIn Group.

Alumni E-Mail Lists: Subscribing to alumni e-mail lists is a great way to gather information and network with Anderson alumni. The Alumni Office maintains over 50 lists that are based on geographic location, industry and function specialty, and special interest. Regional alumni e-mail lists can also provide a great two-way communication vehicle to connect with alums and tap into job leads through the alumni network.

  • Military Career Transition
    • Anderson Military Association
      The Anderson Military Association's mission is to build a professional network devoted to advancing the careers of military veterans at UCLA Anderson School of Management.
      The AMA provides its members with the tools and resources needed to connect with networks in desired industries/functions, develop their resumes and shine in interviews. It also remains close with Anderson Veteran alums as well as Veteran recruiters and Veteran MBAs willing to assist Anderson Veteran students. UCLA Anderson LinkedIn Military Group. This group is the official LinkedIn resource for the UCLA Anderson military community and provides a terrific additional avenue for military EMBA students to connect with both current Anderson military students and alumni within LinkedIn.

      Anderson Military Alumni Listserv
      This is one of the special interest alumni email lists comprised of both Anderson military students and alumni and provides a great two-way communication vehicle for military EMBA students to connect with the Anderson military community.
      The Job Search Team is a practical resource for EMBA students who are:
      1) Unemployed due to lay off or job loss, and/or
      2) Individuals who are in active search mode, and is offered every quarter including over the summer. Job Search Teams provide work group structure that enables students to manage their job search process by identifying tasks, setting specific work objectives, and measuring weekly progress in meeting job search and career transition goals. The group format also allows for very positive, synergistic strategizing, networking, information-sharing, and mutual support and is facilitated by a professional career coach with in-depth experience in running job search teams.

      Professional MBA Career Management Center's Website
      There are three entire webpages in the Professional MBA Career Management Center's website dedicated to transitioning UCLA Anderson military students which include numerous links to career and job search resources specific to making the transition from military to corporate. There are links to resources for translating job functions from military to civilian on the resume and in interviews, transferable skills identifiers, military-friendly employers, job search tools for veterans, navigating job and career fairs, and creating an exit strategy from the military.

  • Contact

    • Susan Dearing
Executive Director, Professional MBA Career Management Center
EMBA Career Coach