Recognition of Candidates


Doctoral Candidates

Each doctoral candidate will be acknowledged on the stage. The Dean of the Doctoral Program will call you to the front of the stage, while reading the title of your dissertation, your disseration chair or co-chairs, and whom you will be hooded by. Afterwards, you will return to your seat on stage.



Ushers will indicate to all graduates when to stand and when to walk towards stage-left or stage-right. We will alternate calling names individually from the left and right sides of the stage. Your photograph will be taken near the base of the steps leading to the stage. After your photo has been taken, ascend the stage and hand your card to the name reader on your side of the stage. Your name will be announced as you walk towards center stage. Please do not stop to shake the name reader's hand.

As you walk towards center stage you will accept a certificate commemorating the day from either Dean Olian or the Commencement speaker (depending on which side of the stage you are located). They will be stationed at center stage. Shake hands with the one who is stationed on your side of the stage and pause briefly for another photograph then descend the center stage staircase and return to your seat. To avoid a back-up of graduates on stage, continue walking as you are being photographed.