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>>Strategic Operations Management Association (SOMA)


Since its inception in 1992, SOMA has existed to translate educational learning into real-world experiential knowledge in the areas of strategic planning, business development, operations, and supply chain management. Within these job functions, SOMA provides a variety of industry touch-points to its nearly 200 active members through its programs and events. These activities sponsored by SOMA facilitate interaction between students and industry professionals or corporate executives to help students gain a thorough understanding of the essential tools and skills needed to solve complex issues.


Canybec Sulayman
Brittany Blackamore
Executive Vice President
Jacob Bluhm
VP - Information Technologies
Ryan Rosales
VP - Member Affairs
Lucca De Micco
VP - Events
Niranjan Yedlapati
VP - Alumni Affairs
Hana Lee
VP - Business Development
Nancy Yao
VP - Communications
Anand Bhatt
VP - Firm Outreach
Michael Chang
VP - Firm Outreach
Rohit Arora
VP - Strategy
Riley Rindt
VP - Strategy
Heather Underwood
VP - Strategy
David Shin
VP - Education
Henry Phan
VP - Business Development


Career Roundtables
Multiple operations professionals from various industries visit SOMA members to share information about job functions and career experiences
Days On the Job (DOJ)
SOMA members visit local companies to experience a day in the life of an operations professional
Industry Speaker Events
Keynote speakers visit SOMA members to address specific topics in operations
SOMA Kickoff
The social event in the beginning of the academic year to welcome our new members and to share experiences acquired during the summer internships.
Dinner for Eight
A chance for students to meet with top recruiters and accomplished alumni in a more casual setting. It is a perfect opportunity to learn insights about working in certain industry and organization.



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