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The purpose of the Marketing Association (MA) is to gather the resources of students, faculty, alumni, friends and employers to educate UCLA Anderson students about the field of marketing and to build the careers of our members. There are currently more than 150 student members. Our mission is threefold. First, we educate UCLA Anderson students about the benefits of a marketing background for all types of careers including brand management, entrepreneurship, consulting, business development and general management. Second, through seminars, resume assistance and interview workshops, we assist our members in aggressively promoting themselves for internships and fulltime positions. Lastly, by partnering with the faculty, administration and admissions office to build the Anderson brand and by participating in industry events and conferences, we aim to drive awareness among corporate and prospective student communities that UCLA Anderson is a premier marketing institution.


Tracy Bjelland
Nicole Villasin
VP - Career Development
Kelly Martineau
VP - Career Development
Annette Cheyne
VP - Recruiter Relations
Joanne Kang
VP - Recruiter Relations
Jessica Knowles
VP - Recruiter Relations
Molly Felz
VP - Recruiter Relations
Richard Thayer
VP - Finance and Membership
Esther Su
VP - Digiital Media / Internal Communications
Kyu Lee
VP - External Communications
Brooke Matthias
VP - Admissions
Emily Marmol
VP - Brand Management (Internal)
Sandra Heidrich
VP - Brand Management (External)
Arek Santikian
VP - Events and Operations
Lauren Wax
VP - Alumni
Larissa Benedek
Tracey Le


Career Nights
Talk informally at rotating roundtables with recruiters and alumni about various MBA opportunities in traditional and emerging fields of marketing. Participants last year included: Nestle, Mattel, Toyota, 20th Century Fox, Taco Bell, Yahoo!, Clorox, General Mills, and more!
Corporate Presentations and Panels
Meet prominent marketing executives, including some of our most successful alumni, while learning about their companies.
Learn how to interview for marketing positions (both case-based and behavioral interviews) as well as how to make your resume and cover letters stand out. Workshops are run by students, the career management center, and recruiters to give varied perspectives on finding an internship and job. A series of other presentations are held throughout the year.
Days-on-the-Job (DOJ)
Spend a day at a company to have the opportunity to learn about the role of an MBA hire and to network with recruiters. DOJs over the past few years have included: Toyota, Google, Del Monte, Mattel, Clorox, Apple, L’Oreal, and more!
Dinner-for- Eight and other Alumni Networking
In addition to our Dinners for Eight – informal dinners with Anderson alumni -- we also host industry-specific and topic-specific networking events with alumni.
Case Competitions
Apply your marketing skills in UCLA Anderson’s challenging MA Case Competition or participate in one of a variety of competitions at other elite business schools.
Happy hours, lunches, dinners, mixers with alumni and other MBA schools are all great opportunities to get to know your fellow Marketing Association members and network with professors, alumni, students, and recruiters!


Mgmt. 411A - Principles of Marketing
Learn principles of market-driven managerial decision making: customer, competitor, and company analysis, market segmentation, definition of target markets, product positioning and branding. Also covers management of the marketing function: product and pricing decisions, channels of distribution, marketing communications.
Mgmt. 411B - Market Assessment
This course provides the tools to use to size a market opportunity, including customer need assessment and different methods for market segmentation and product positioning.
Mgmt. 260B - Marketing Strategy and Planning
Develops framework for strategic marketing plan based on customer behavior, market segmentation, product positioning, product life cycle, market responsiveness, and competitive reaction. Within this framework, develops key elements in annual marketing planning process.
Mgmt. 261A - Management in the Distribution Channel
An examination of decisions in the distribution channel. Discusses issues of power in the distribution channel and tradeoffs between alternative channel systems
Mgmt. 261B - Global Marketing Management
Analyzes opportunities, distinctive characteristics, and emerging trends in foreign markets. Explores alternative methods and strategies for entering foreign markets; organizational planning and control; impact of social, cultural, economic, and political differences; and problems of adapting American marketing concepts and methods.
Mgmt. 262 - Price Policies
Course considers environment of the pricing decision: costs, customer, channels, competition, and regulation. Analyzes when and how to apply specific pricing strategies including two-part tariffs, quantity discounts, product differentiation, bundling, and auctions
Mgmt. 263A - Consumer Behavior
Studies nature and determinants of consumer behavior. Emphasizes influence of socio-psychological factors such as personality, small groups, demographic variables, social class. and culture on the formation of consumers' attitudes, consumption, and purchasing behavior.
Mgmt. 264A - Marketing Research
This course is targeted toward prospective users of research results rather than specialists in research. Develops problem analysis skills, provides knowledge of concepts and methods of marketing research, and increases sensitivity to limitations of marketing data.
Mgmt. 265A - Brand Management
The course introduces important considerations in the understanding, crafting, measuring, and management of brand strategies. Its basic objectives are to: 1) increase understanding of the key issues in crafting and evaluating brand strategies; 2) provide theories, models, and other analytic tools to make better branding decisions; and 3) create a forum to apply these principles.
Mgmt. 266A - Product Management
Investigates process of developing new products (focuses on concept screening, new product design, and test marketing) and managing mature brands in existing markets (emphasizes tactical management of the marketing mix with currently available data).
Mgmt. 266B - Advertising and Marketing Communications
Reviews in detail use of communication tools in marketing. Critically reviews advertising and promotional policies from development and executional perspectives. Discusses other forms of marketing communications with goal of helping students develop integrated communication strategies.
Mgmt. 267 - One-to-One Marketing
Use of notion of ""customer life cycle"" as organizing principle and application to one-to-one marketing context. Frameworks and analytical tools for interacting with customers and learning about their preferences as they evolve through four stages of customer life cycle: (1) customer acquisition, (2) initial post-promotion purchasing, (3) mid-maturity purchase and transaction behavior, and (4) customer attrition or switchover to other product lines.