Management Consulting Association (MCA)

The Management Consulting Association is committed to promoting the interests of students considering a career in management consulting. The MCA supports and facilitates interaction among consulting professionals and UCLA Anderson students, faculty and alumni through career and social events. These activities provide the club's members with a thorough understanding of the industry and strengthen relationships between leading consulting firms and UCLA Anderson. Members become prepared for the industry’s recruiting process through the club’s intensive interview preparation program, and also benefit from industry speakers and case workshops.



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Club Events

Welcome Night

This is a mandatory, internal club event that formally welcomes the new club members. The event is hosted on-campus and consists of a presentation that informs members of club rules and etiquette, upcoming club events and opportunities to pursue leadership roles on the MCA board of directors. The presentation is followed by a networking mixer with the current MCA board.

Full-Time Career Night

This event is for second-year full-time students and third-year fully employed students interested in pursuing full-time consulting or internal strategy careers. Held in early October, the Full-Time Career Night commences with a networking mixer for students and prospective employers, followed by a keynote speaker and roundtable sessions.

Kick-Off Event

This is a less-formal networking event tailored towards first-year full-time students and second -year fully employed students who are seeking internships in consulting or internal strategy. It provides an opportunity for these new MCA members to meet various firm representatives who are primarily Anderson alumni. The format of the evening is open networking followed by a keynote speaker.

Internship Career Night

The Internship Career Night is the MCA’s premier recruiting event of the year, tailored towards first-year full-time students and second-year fully employed students who are seeking internships in consulting or internal strategy. At this event, consultants discuss professional opportunities at their firms with students during a networking mixer and roundtable sessions. This event will also have a keynote speaker and is typically hosted at an off-campus venue.

Speaker Series

Throughout the recruiting season, many of the top firms will host a Speaker Series event that is oriented around a specific industry “hot-topic” or a more in-depth discussion of the firm as compared to what is covered in the traditional Parker Career Management Firm Information Sessions. Previous topics covered in the Speaker Series included M&A, health care, human capital, media and entertainment and private equity. These events provide a great opportunity for students to have an additional touch-point with firm representatives and to learn about industry subject matter.

Anderson Career Teams

ACT Teams are organized by the Parker Career Management Center, and during Anderson’s first-year student orientation you will select an ACT Group based upon your desired career-path industry. For the majority of MCA members that is the Management Consulting/Internal Strategy ACT group. Consulting ACT Groups have between 10 to 15 first-year students in a team and meet once a week for one hour with their two coaches. The consulting ACT coaches are second-year students who are leaders on the MCA board, have excelled in the consulting recruiting process as a first-year student and/or previously worked in management consulting before attending Anderson. The ACT groups will meet for the first 10 weeks of the fall quarter and are focused on supplementing the recruiting and career-path counseling that first-year students receive as part of the Parker Career Management Course, with specific details unique to the consulting and internal strategy recruiting process.

Interview Prep Teams

The Interview Prep Teams at Anderson are for students who are solely focused on positions with management-consulting and select internal-strategy firms. IPT teams include one second-year student coach who was successful in his or her internship recruiting process and four second-year students. A pre-selected list of mock cases is provided to IPT participants, and each week first-year students are required to give and receive four to five mock case interviews with their IPT team peers. Each first-year student will give and receive a case with their fellow first-year student peers, and at the end of the week, first-year students will meet one-on-one with their second-year coach to receive a mock case interview. During each mock case interview, students are evaluated on a number of criteria, including logical structuring, business knowledge, quantitative skills, communication, etc.

Case Marathons

During Anderson’s winter break, the MCA organizes opportunities for students to participate in a series of mock case interviews commonly referred to as a case marathon. Students typically meet for two to three days and give and receive three to four cases each day to their peers.

Case Interview Workshops

These workshops are led by firm consultants or professional interview coaches to prepare students for the management-consulting recruitment process. Students will be able to hone resume-writing and interviewing skills and learn about a sponsoring firm’s specific culture and interview process.

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