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The High Tech Business Association (HTBA) is the gateway to the high-tech industry for UCLA Anderson students. With over 450 members from diverse backgrounds and a recent growth rate of 30% per year, the HTBA is one of the largest clubs on campus. The mission of the HTBA is to help our members launch the tech careers of their dreams in product marketing, product management, strategic planning, consulting, operations and business development. We do this by providing both a forum for students to practice management and hone leadership skills, and an accommodating and effective environment for the many companies we are privileged to work with. We organize events including the high-profile Tech Treks, Career Nights, Techapalooza and Case Competitions.



Lauren Edelstein
Jacqueline Lee
VP - Finance/Membership
Neil Kapur
VP - Business Development - Sponsorships
Adam Hammonds
VP - Business Development - Start-Ups/EA Liaison
Rana Brahma
VP - Business Development - New Media/EMA Liaison
Jilber Najem
VP - Student Affairs - Education & Career Development
Jeffrey Lyu
VP - Student Affairs - Education & Career Development
Lily Abagyan
VP - Student Affairs - Easton Leadership Program
Apaar Kaura
VP - Student Affairs - International
Meredith Allen
VP - Alumni Relations
Deb Dab
VP - Recruiter Relations - Silicon Valley Tech Trek
Kyu Lee
VP - Recruiter Relations - Seattle Tech Trek
Suyash Jape
VP - Recruiter Relations - On-Campus
Katie Jones
VP - Special Events
Jenna Jost
VP - Marketing & Communications
Nassim Hiekali
VP - Marketing & Communications
Jo Hyun
VP - Admissions
Siddhartha Pratihari



HTBA Kickoff
Held at the beginning of the fall quarter, the kickoff is our new year celebration for all class years, with the additional aim of encouraging first-year MBA students to sign up for HTBA membership. The event features a keynote speaker followed by Q&A and mingling with company representatives over appetizers and cocktails.
Fall Career Night
A formal event held in an upscale space on-campus, Fall Career Night is a great way for the first and second year MBA students to learn more about different career opportunities directly from company representatives. The event starts with a keynote speaker and continues with multiple roundtable sessions enabling students to speak with employees from various firms in a more intimate group setting over appetizers and cocktails.
Silicon Valley Tech Trek
Held over winter break, the Silicon Valley Tech Trek is one of HTBA's signature events. Each year, Anderson students travel to the San Francisco Bay Area to visit as many as 22 companies in all areas of technology (biotech, wireless, hardware, software, Internet and entertainment). After visiting various companies during the three-day event, students gather to mingle with alumni in a relaxed and informal mixer setting. A sample of past companies visited includes: Cisco, LinkedIn,, Visa, Bump, Google, Twitter, Symantec, Adobe, Yahoo!, and Tesla.
Seattle Tech Trek
Held just before the start of winter quarter, the Seattle Tech Trek is also a signature event. Each year, UCLA Anderson students travel to the Seattle and the surrounding suburbs to visit companies in all areas of technology. Past companies visited include: Amazon, Expedia, Microsoft, and T-Mobile.
Southern California Tech Treks
Day-long events held throughout the year, Southern California Tech Treks are designed to accommodate different companies' interview schedules. Previous years included San Diego and Orange County Tech Treks and Los Angeles-area Company and Incubator visits, with sponsors including Qualcomm, Google, IdeaLab, Yahoo!, Nokia and Entropic.
The first ever annual technology conference at Anderson, this event will bring together the most innovative companies and leaders on the West Coast. Open to all members of the greater technology community, the event will bring to life Anderson's new slogan "Thinking In The Next" by highlighting marquee keynote speakers, trends at successful technology organizations, industry round tables and panels with technology executives as well as networking opportunities for current students, alumni and professionals.
Case Competitions
Anderson hosts two major case competitions during the academic school year, one in Fall Quarter and one in Winter Quarter. These case competitions present real business problems from major technology companies. Students form teams and present their cases to an esteemed panel of judges and technology leaders. Students help companies solve problems through insightful case studies as they compete for money, prizes and even interviews with sponsoring companies.
Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas
Anderson HTBA organizes entry and travel for its members to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. With student discounted entry, students gain access to the hottest technologies unveiled at CES.


Speaker Series
This program is designed to increase UCLA Anderson students' awareness of trends in the high-tech industry through a series of lunchtime speaker events. We invite representatives from any interested companies (particularly in the LA area due to proximity) to speak at an event on a topic of their choosing. Casual lunch is served and approximately 60 to 70 students attend.
HTBA Dinner-for-Eight (D48):
In an ongoing effort to introduce members to prominent and successful individuals and companies in high-tech, HTBA supports the Dinner-for-Eight program. The program provides students with an exciting opportunity to meet with featured guests in a smaller group setting that fosters interactive discussion. Students benefit from learning about the host's experiences and industry insights. The host has an opportunity to gain fresh perspectives and meet future candidates and leaders.
Case Interview Seminar:
HTBA offers an annual case preparation workshop with a keynote speaker and training session wherein executives will train students on case-based interview frameworks lecture style followed by an afternoon interview blitz and the kick-off of HTBA's Interview Preparation Team.
HTBA Career Development Handbook:
HTBA gives all its members the HTBA handbook at it's first High-Tech 101 session when students first arrive to campus. The handbook is the go-to resource for tech recruiting at Anderson. It will train students on case-based interview framework, sample roles, interview questions, industry dynamics, professional resources and feature sample questions and frameworks from major technology companies that will be recruiting with students.


Technology Management (241A)
This course is for students interested in pursuing careers in high technology management, whether as an entrepreneur, a management consultant, industry analyst or manager in a firm providing high technology products or services. The learning are focused in four areas: building high tech businesses, profiting from high tech businesses, Globalization, and disruptive innovations.
New Product Development (266A)
This course will seek to arm students with the strategies, approaches and perspectives they will need as they try to create breakthrough products and services and/or advise firms engaged in those pursuits. The cases, readings, speakers and other elements of the class are not geared primarily to teach students a tactical checklist on how to launch a product; rather, students are encouraged to latch on to certain elements of the course in order to shape their own philosophies. We will emphasize how to uncover opportunities to create value and then configure the offerings that capitalize on those opportunities to address real customer needs.
Web Business (270C)
Lecture, three hours. Doing business on Web. Web infrastructure and ecology. Web business models and strategies. Web business development, operation, and marketing. New frontiers, such as Web services, social networking, and semantic Web.
Emergent Technologies (271C)
Lecture, three hours. Special topics in new and emergent technologies such as mobile computing, cloud computing, and visualization. Assessment of industrial opportunities and impacts. Topics vary.
Collaboration and Decision Support Systems (270B)
Lecture, three hours. Systems for support of individual and group decision making and collaborative work. Business intelligence systems. Expert and other knowledge-based systems. Fundamentals of human/computer interaction.
Information Technology Infrastructure (271A)
Lecture, three hours. Concepts, models, architectures, protocols, standards, and security for design, implementation, and management of digital networks. Server architectures, server farms, cluster computing, and grid computing. Storage area networks and network attached storage. Data center design and implementation.
Technology, Commercialization and Innovation (298D)
Managing and Financing the Emerging Enterprise (231E)
Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation (295A)
Business Plan Development (295D)
Global Supply Chain Management (240F)
Venture Capital and Private Equity (235)
Leadership, Motivation and Power (285A)
Negotiations Behavior (286)
Financial Reporting and Equity Valuation (228)