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>>Healthcare Business Association (HBA)


The mission of the Healthcare Business Association (HBA) is to provide professional connections and education to students interested in the business of healthcare. Our primary goal is to prepare members for successful careers in health-related fields through activities including seminars, speaker series, alumni networking and industry outreach. In addition, we aim to serve as a nexus for healthcare information exchange within the UCLA community. The HBA supports student career initiatives across a broad spectrum of functions in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and health services management.


Subodh Kolla
Daniel Croymans
VP of Outreach - Campus Initiatives
Kristin Andreassen
VP of Outreach - Alumni and External
Martin Wan
VP of Business Development - Services
Rachel Newman
VP of Business Development - Products
Joanne Zhang
VP of Education
Dasheng Gao
VP - Finance
George Buckley
VP of Events - Healthcare Conference
Miao Wang
VP - Information Technology
Benjamin Brockman
VP - Marketing and Communications
Asa Sharma
VP - FEMBA Relations
Carla Reese
VP - Admissions and Membership
Alex Carey
VP - Events


Healthcare 101 & 102
Industry Panel Discussion
Days on the Job
HBA Career Night
Healthcare Speaker Series