>>Anderson Public Speaking Club (PSC)


Our club is dedicated to helping Anderson students improve one of the most important skills for the business world – public speaking. Whether you are networking with a small group at a company presentation, giving a toast at your best friend’s wedding, or presenting an idea to the Board of Directors in your future career, you need to know how to present yourself and your ideas. We welcome everyone irrespective of his or her current comfort levels. You can never be too good at public speaking, and you are never as bad as you think!


Yaeer Lev
Kyle Forrest
VP - Finance
Michael Leyva
VP - Marketing
Michael Benedosso
VP - External & Events
Ira Herbst
VP - Internal & Creative
Ari Zandman-Zeman
VP - Social


Public Speaking Competition
This is a competition for Anderson students to show off their public speaking skills by delivering a business pitch and by sharing a personal story.
Weekly Workshops
This club meets for one hour every other week throughout the academic term to allow members to refine their public speaking skills. The club provides a lunch meeting for attendees.
Guest Speakers
The Public Speaking Club will host alumni and corporate executives to talk about the importance of public speaking and share their personal experiences with the group.