>>Anderson Creative (AC)


Anderson Creative has one and only one mission – FUN!

We are the crazies, the lunatics on campus who spread Ander-love through music, dance, singing, art, and more. We create a forum for those with similar creative and performing interests within the Anderson community to connect. Furthermore, we help those interested in creative expression to explore their talents in a fun and safe environment with other Anderson students. We facilitate the display of Anderson student talent through performances and exhibitions throughout the school year. We also organize events where Anderson students can appreciate the arts within UCLA and the LA area.


Neal Mhaskar
Aimee Musil
Serena Wang
VP - Dance
Zachary Parris
VP - Improv and Comedy
Subodh Kolla,
VP - Photography


C4C Talent Show
Group trips to dance classes, museums, and comedy performances
Open Mic Night