Black & Scholes Surf Club (BSSC)

The mission of the Black-Scholes Surf Club is to build friendships with our fellow classmates and take advantage of Southern California's iconic waves and beaches. SHAKA!

You have the opportunity to join students and alumni of UCLA Anderson from around the globe in a unique surfing tradition that is unrivaled by other top business schools. SWEET!

The club is open to beginner and experienced surfers alike, and surf outings target a wide range of skill levels. For the beginning surfer, there are mellow longboarding waves that provide a great opportunity to learn the sport. So FUN! Members benefit from organized “beginner days” where lessons covering surfing fundamentals and technique will be provided. For experienced surfers, we charge some of Southern California’s most renowned waves at their heaviest. GNARLY!

Club Officers



Club Events

  • Surfing 101 - Quarterly Beginner Surfing Days at Santa Monica Beach
  • Surfing 201 - Surf Outings to Local Breaks (i.e. El Porto, Venice, Malibu, County Line)
  • Surfing Immersion Program - Weekend Trips (i.e. Baja, San Diego, San Onofre, Santa Barbara)
  • Endless Summer Movie Night

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