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The UCLA Anderson Soccer Club is an organization centered on the love of the "World's Game" - soccer. During the C4C competition at Stanford (attended by more than 1,000 MBA students), the University of Texas MBA soccer tournament (20+ business schools), the annual UCLA Anderson soccer tournament (20+ business schools), and weekly intra-club soccer matches, the club represents UCLA Anderson outside of Los Angeles and on the athletic field. The club is not merely a group of soccer players; it is a collection of 70+ students representing the international diversity of UCLA Anderson. Players come from a variety of countries including Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, England, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Mexico, Peru, Spain and the United States. It is the love of soccer that brings members together and provides a common outlet to complement the academic and professional experiences at Anderson. UCLA is the defending champion of the prestigious 2011 University of Texas MBA soccer tournament. 


Joel Ramirez
Matt Geirl
VP - Marketing
Owen Redmond
VP - Operations
Pierre Mouillon
VP - Finance
Andrew Person
VP - Events


UCLA Anderson Soccer Tournament
This soccer tournament is for MBA schools, held in Los Angeles, and highlights UCLA Anderson School of Management and its facilities. The target audience is 16-20 business school teams from across the country and their respective supporters.
University of Texas - Winter Classic
This is the largest soccer tournament for MBA schools in the world and is held in Austin, TX. More than 20 teams from top business schools compete.