>>Black & Scholes Surf Club (BSSC)


We are the surfing students and alumni of UCLA Anderson. The mission of the Black & Scholes Surf Club is simply to have fun surfing together and make some good friends with our classmates. The club is composed of beginning and experienced surfers alike, and surf outings target a wide range of skill levels. For the beginning surfer, outings in the Fall and Spring quarters generally target mellow longboarding waves which provide a great opportunity to learn the sport. For the experienced surfers, Winter outings are scheduled based on swell arrivals and are intended to provide members a chance to surf Southern California's most renowned waves at their best. Of course, everyone is invited to all events and the surf club has boards for members to borrow. 


Jonathan Guerrero
Sam Patterson
VP - Financet
Anh-Tuan Bui
VP - Outreach
Andrew Sylvester
VP - Operations
Eduardo Perez
VP - Communications
Bruno Correa
VP - Events
Hernandez Britto
VP - Marketing
Jean-Sebastien Kelkel
VP - Forecasting
Esther Su
VP - Social