FEMBA 2016 Student Council

External Representative

The external representative works with career services and the alumni network to ensure that their section is aware of the resources and events offered by ProMBA Career Services and the Office of Alumni Services. The external representative attends ProMBA Career Services Committee meetings and FEMBA Alumni Relations and Development Committee meetings, represents the FEMBA student body at alumni events and participates in the annual Anderson Affiliates campaign. The external representative should send out at least one section email per month with information on upcoming career services events and deadlines.

Internal Representative

The internal representative handles most of their section’s academic and logistical issues, which may include resolving section scheduling conflicts, communicating student concerns to faculty and administration and keeping the section informed of new developments on campus. The internal representative should send out at least one section email per month with information on upcoming events and deadlines.

Social Representative

The social representative plans social and networking events, including after-class happy hours, section lunches/dinners, cultural outings, athletic events and other activities that his or her section is interested in. The social representative should make every effort to ensure that these events appeal to all of their FEMBA peers and is highly encouraged to collaborate with social representatives from other sections and years. The social representative is required to learn and follow the expense reimbursement policy in order to plan the use of their section’s annual social budget. The social representative should send out regular emails with information on upcoming activities.

FEMBA 2016 Student Council Bios

Julia Ritchie


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AJ Ezzour

VP of Internal Affairs

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Caitlin Cassidy

VP of Council Affairs

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Leanne McGowan

VP of Social and Networking

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Lisa Shu Yang Tyson

VP of External Affairs

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Alex Minnick

Executive Vice President

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