>>South Asian Business Association (SABA)


The South Asian Business Association (SABA) was formed with the aim of providing students who are interested in South Asian business and culture, a platform to mix and collaborate. Through its various events during the academic year, SABA provides its members with opportunities to interact with each other, celebrate festivals in the South Asia region and reach out to UCLA Anderson faculty and alumni with interests in South Asia and its community. 


Ashutosh Dubey
Aman Lather
VP - FEMBA Relations
Ayushman Jain
VP - Communications
Anisha Baijal
VP - Events
Anosh Ahmed
VP - Events
Srikumar Vanamali
VP - Finance
Sakeb Khan
VP - Alumni Relation


Kickoff Mixer
Diwali Festival
International Food Festival
India Trip
Holi Festival
Anderson Days Club Fair, Dinner and Mixer:
Send-off Mixer
Alumni Student Mixer
Annual Conference