>>Latin American Business Association (LABA)


The Latin American Business Association (LABA) is a student-run organization that represents a mixture of MBA candidates, faculty and Anderson alumni from around the world who share a passion for Latin America. Our interests in Latin America include the diverse cultures and traditions, the languages and people, and the unique business opportunities the region presents. 


Bruno Guzman
John Paul Fischer
Arturo Goldberg
VP - Career
Lucia Jimenez
VP - Social
Elizabeth Pratt
VP - Events
Eduardo Perez
VP - Events
Carlos Noriega
VP - Events
Cristopher Lang
VP - Social
Natalie Arbanian
VP - Admissions
Frederico Bergmann
VP - Finance
Cristobal Behrens
VP - Marketing


LABA Kickoff Mixer
This is an opportunity for LABA members to get to know each other as well as UCLA ANDERSON professors that are originally from Latin America. This is our first event of the year, it is held early in the fall quarter and its where we welcome the incoming class of the Latin American Business Association.
Miami DOJ
At the beginning of the Winter Quarter LABA organizes a Day on the Job in Miami. We visit companies with specific interests in Latin American students; the DOJ is a great opportunity to network and land a summer internship or full time job. The list of participating companies varies each year, recently LAN Chile, Citibank, Visa, Wells Fargo, Univision and Yum! Brands have participated.
Latin America Conference
This is our capstone event, designed to increase UCLA Anderson students’ awareness of business in Latin America, as well as in Latin American companies on the US. Furthermore, this event will present a Latin American perspective of current global trends and their effects on the region.
Several times a year we organize traditional Latin American barbeques, these social events let us relax and share a good time with current LABA members as well as LABA alumni.
International Food Festival
As an important part of the Anderson international student community, LABA represents the region with traditional food and drink. Furthermore, as it is customary for LABA, part of the profits will be donated to charity.
Business and cultural trip to Latin America. The trip provides an opportunity for students and faculty to learn about business and culture in the region. On the core of this trip will be several visits to important companies in the region, situation that will further enhance our member’s perspective and understanding of trends and business opportunities. Furthermore, this will provide a perfect environment for these companies to introduce themselves to our members.