>>Jewish Business Students Association (JBSA)


The mission of the Jewish Business Student Association (JBSA) is to build and sustain a community that enhances the educational and professional development of Jewish students at Anderson.

Our goal is to provide a supportive environment in which Jewish students can interact and practice with the Jewish community on campus, in Southern California and beyond.

Our priorities include recruiting, alumni relations, mentoring, academic performance, career development, and community involvement. To accomplish these objectives, JBSA continues to build strong relationships with corporate and community partners.


Alon Peled
Eric Migicovsky
Lauren Henry
VP - Marketing
Eyal Berdugo
VP - Finance & Israel Trek
Talia Regev
VP - Events
Roman Bootman
VP - Alumni Relations
Eyal Arazi
VP - Alumni Relations & Admissions
Josh Kahn
Nassim Hiekali
VP - Social


Dinner for 8 (D48)
Get treated to dinner and get to know a top Jewish executive, in an intimate setting with only 8 total students. We have opportunities with Jewish executives from every industry. Executives involved include: Gene Rosenfeld, Steve Kaplan, Paul Schaeffer, and many more
Dinner for 40
Network with your fellow students and hear a keynote address from a top Jewish executive.
Israel Trek
Explore Israel with your fellow MBAs in an exciting trek that covers all aspects of the awesome Israeli experience (Open to all MBA students and SigO's)
Jewish Business Students Mixer
Network with Jewish MBA students and Alumni from other top business schools, in collaboration with the Jewish Graduate Student Initiative (JGSI).
JLSA Mixer
Network with Jewish UCLA Law students, at your favorite local bar.
Shabbat Dinner
Enjoy a shabbat dinner while hanging out with your JBSA friends and hearing a keynote address from a famous Jewish personality.
Mentorship Program
Get paired with a Jewish executive from the industry of your choice, and enjoy personal access and valuable mentoring from a successful role model.
Holiday-related programming
Discounts on High Holiday Seats at the Synagogue of your choice; Rosh Hashana dinners at the apartments of your friends; Holocaust remembrance ceremony with a speech from a survivor; Chanukah parties; and much more!