Greater China Business Association (GCBA)

The Greater China Business Association (GCBA) Association is the preeminent Anderson organization dedicated to interests in the greater China region. Through festive cultural events, Days on the Jobs (DoJs) and speaker series, we aim to foster business relationships and cultural exchanges between the Anderson family and broader Chinese communities locally and abroad.



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Club Events

Prospective Students Coffee Chats

Invite current GCBA club members and alumni to host coffee chats at major cities in China to share their pre-MBA application experiences and MBA life during and post graduate from Anderson

Career Advising Sharing and Mentoring Program

Along with other identity clubs, we help students transition into new business environments and overcome cultural shock. This is a two-way program meant for both international students and those who have career interest in Asia.

Chinese New Year Banquet

Chinese New Year dinner with traditional fare, firecrackers,games and prizes.

Wilbur K. Woo Greater China Business Conference

Co-hosted with The Center of Global Management to bring together successful U.S. and China leaders to share their thoughts on future U.S.-Sino relationship development across different industries.

Company Presentations

Presentations, dinners and recruiting events from companies such as Tencent, and

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