Research & Faculty

Real estate represents a large fraction of wealth for individuals, the country and the world. In recognition of this fact, the Ziman Center has established a program to facilitate high-quality, publishable research on topics related to real estate finance and economics, urban and regional economics, urban public policy, and property law theory.  The Center has several programs that advance the Center's research objectives:

Affiliated Faculty and Fellows
The Ziman Center was formed with a mandate to create and administer UCLA's activities surrounding the topic of real estate. To further this mandate, the Center has developed a community of leading scholars who undertake real estate-related research. The Affiliated Faculty and Fellows are drawn from departments throughout the UCLA campus, including management, economics, law, public policy, urban planning, engineering, architecture and geography, and they generate high-quality, publishable research through the Ziman Center's Working Paper Series.

In 2005, the Ziman Center established the Faculty Research Fellows program. The purpose of this program is to facilitate high-quality, publishable research. To further this objective, the Ziman Center funds research from faculty throughout the UCLA campus. The recipients are designated as Fellows.

Visiting Scholar Program
Each academic calendar year, real estate researchers or faculty from other universities are invited to participate in the research program of the Center. This normally includes being in-residence at the Ziman Center.

UCLA Economic Letter
The UCLA Economic Letter is the monthly condensed analyses of crucial real estate and economic issues offered by the UCLA Anderson Forecast and UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate. The Letter draws upon original research, policy analysis, and forecasts produced by UCLA academics and Forecast economists.

Ziman Center Working Papers Series
The Working Papers Series is made up of research undertaken by the Center's Affiliated Faculty. The purpose of these papers is to widely distribute the results of their research. Typically, working papers are the first step to published research.

CRSP/Ziman Center Data Series
In cooperation with the Center for Research in Securities Prices (CRSP) at the University of Chicago, the Ziman Center is developing and managing databases in response to the need for high-quality, publicly available real estate data.

Ziman Center Research Seminar
These academic seminars include presentations by both UCLA and non-UCLA faculty of their ongoing research. In this way, the seminars support the critical research activities of the Center by bringing leading scholars to UCLA.

Research Symposium
The UCI-UCLA-USC Real Estate and Urban Economics Research Symposium brings together renowned scholars from peer universities to present and discuss their current real estate and urban economics-related research in a daylong conference. Presented by UCLA, UC Irvine and USC, the annual Southern California symposium will rotate between the three universities.