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MBA Alumni

The Harold Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies takes an active interest in the alumni of UCLA Anderson and considers them strategic partners in many of its efforts. The Price Center seeks opportunities in which to involve alumni in its academic and experiential programs as a way to grow and maintain valuable relationships. This interaction also exposes current students to a considerable range of career options, business advice, and willing mentors.

* Through a variety of programs, alumni are invited back to campus to talk about their post-UCLA Anderson experiences. Many of these programs are sponsored by the Entrepreneur Association. The EA draws heavily from the ranks of Anderson alumni to serve as advisors and speakers.

* Several UCLA Anderson alumni serve on the Price Center's Board of Advisors.

* Recognizing the value of an UCLA Anderson education and the caliber of its students, several alumni have offered internship opportunities to the current classes.

* UCLA Anderson alumni are often targeted guests of events such as the Galef Symposium in Entrepreneurship and Business Development.

* UCLA Anderson alumni have been very generous to the Price Center in terms of personal involvement and financial support. To learn more, visit Support Opportunities or contact the Price Center.