MBA Students

"While conventional MBA training prepares students for eventual entrepreneurial success, the entrepreneurial studies curriculum prepares Anderson students to avoid entrepreneurial failure." - Bill Glockner, MBA '91

The Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (PCES) provides a set of academic and extracurricular experiences designed to prepare MBA students for the challenge of business management in entrepreneurial environments. The purpose of its course offerings is to develop skills and methodologies useful to managers responsible for marshaling resources for new wealth creations, rather than simply the administration of existing wealth. We aim to develop an entrepreneurial competence in MBA students.

Nature of the Price Center
The Center is integrative and schoolwide, drawing on faculty members from several curricular areas and disciplines. Because of the obvious tie to business practice, the program draws upon area faculty and the involvement of adjunct faculty who have distinguished themselves as professionals. These individuals teach courses designed to provide knowledge of the nature and environment of entrepreneurial organizations and the skills and methodologies specifically applicable to the successful management of such organizations.