Support Opportunities

The Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation in the UCLA Anderson School of Management is supported by donations and income from its various activities. Some of America's finest entrepreneurs are among the donors to the Center. Whether these entrepreneurs established successful enterprises or served as agents of change in large corporations, they were the bold thinkers who made a difference in how their organizations did business.

Each donor to the Center has made a commitment to support and nourish entrepreneurial education at UCLA Anderson, and their contributions have funded a variety of programs and activities within the Price Center. Support from our many benefactors have allowed us to build an outstanding entrepreneurial program at UCLA. No where else in this country will you find curriculum offerings and student programs so rich and varied.

The Price Center is almost 100% self-supporting. Despite this challenge, the growth that the Center has experienced in the last ten years has been phenomenal. We are deeply grateful to our many supporters who include alumni from all our programs, venture capitalists, investment bankers, and small business owners.