Friends of the Harold Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies have committed $25,000 or more to the program's core endowment. The core endowment funds administrative, teaching, academic, and student activities.

Bankers Trust Company (Ronald P. Badie)
Barrington Associates (James Freedman)
Best Family Trust (John Best)
Marx Cazenave II
Victor M. G. Chaltiel
Chase Manhattan
William Cockrum
Continental Bank (Robert C. Vasko)
Timothy E. Conver
Gregory Craig
Diane Creel
Dennis and Loretta Danko
Jeffrey Deutschman
Drexel, Burnham, and Lambert
Ernst & Young
Brian Farrell
James Freedman
Foothill Capital (Peter Schwab)
Bram and Elaine Goldsmith
Rocknell Hankin
Jonathan Jacobs
Kit Jennings
Eve Kurtin
Arthur Levine and Lauren Leichtman
Rex Licklider
Merrill Lynch
Nick and Eve Memmo
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Alfred and Nancy Osborne, Jr.
Peregrine Investment (Gene Miller)
Bruce Raben
Raebarn Partners Corporation
Max Ramberg
R. Rudolph Reinfrank
Riordan & McKenzie (Richard J. Welch)
Robert Shor
Southern California Ventures (Jay Raskin)
The Spectrum Group (Andrew Galef)
Richard Spitz
Sutro & Company
United States Filter Corporation (Richard Heckmann)
Skip Victor
Robert & Toby Waldorf
Gilbert Wasserman
Wells Fargo Foothill (Peter Schwab)
Richard S. Wiley

Friends of the Student Investment Fund
Friends of the SIF have committed $25,000 or more to support an experiential program that allows selected students to manage and invest funds in a real-life setting. The Friends of the SIF work alongside the Provident Investment Counsel and Kayne Anderson SIF endowments to provide a valuable learning tool to UCLA MBA students.

William Cockrum
Bernard and Mary Johnson
Payden & Rygel (Joan Payden)
Progress Investment Management (Marx Cazenave)
Mike and Jodi Powers