UCLA Anderson School of Management


The Price Center resides in Entrepreneurs Hall, one of the six buildings in the UCLA Anderson education complex. Entrepreneurs Hall was funded by entrepreneurs who each donated $500,000 or more to UCLA Anderson. In addition to providing funding for the building itself, these entrepreneurs endowed programs in the Center and, moreover, have committed to spending time with Anderson students through the Entrepreneur Association and its activities. In fact, all of the buildings in the complex (and even the school itself) have been named after successful entrepreneurs.

The Founders of Entrepreneurs Hall are:

John E. Anderson
Richard Heckmann
John J. Moller
Jules Berman
Joseph J. Jacobs
Peter W. Mullin
William M. Cockrum
Richard A. Kayne
Marc B. Nathanson
James A. Collins
Betsy Wood Knapp
John E. Parker
Clark Cornell
Bud Knapp
Gerald L. Parsky
James (Doug) Easton
Robert Kommerstad
David A. Polak
Don Freeberg
Lester B. Korn
Eugene S. Rosenfeld
Leon Gold
Paula Kent Meehan
Patrick J. Welsh
Price Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies
(honoring Harold Price and Alfred E. Osborne, Jr.)
Richard S. Ziman
John S. Long
Thomas E. Epley
Jim Easton