TPM Conference

Theory and Practice in Marketing
(TPM Conference)

May 16-18, 2018

UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center
425 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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About This Conference


The 8th annual Theory and Practice in Marketing (TPM) Conference will be held on the UCLA campus in Los Angeles, California from May 16 - 18, 2018. The conference is sponsored and hosted by the Morrison Family Center for Marketing and Data Analytics at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. 

The TPM Conference was founded on the belief that a big part of marketing academia is too far removed from addressing substantive problems, focusing on narrower methodological issues and esoterica phenomena disconnected with real world application. This lack of focus threatens to make our field irrelevant and undermines the legitimacy of research at business schools. 

Conference Co-Chairs:
Randy Bucklin
Sunil Gupta
Donald Lehmann
Bernd Schmitt

Call for Submissions

Keynote Speaker


CGM Career Development

Wes Nichols is a Board Partner at Upfront Ventures, one of California's largest venture capital firms, and a serial technology entrepreneur, an active investor and advisor. Wes is an industry authority in predictive analytics, AI/machine learning, and technology. Wes is the author of the Harvard Business Review cover story, Analytics 2.0, on next-generation analytics to drive more predictive decision-making. 

Most recently, Wes was the Chief Strategy Officer at Neustar (NYSE: NSR), the leading company in authenticated identity, which was acquired by Golden Gate Capital in December 2016 in a $2.9 billion take-private transaction. A year earlier, Neustar acquired his company, MarketShare, where he was co-founder and CEO. MarketShare's analytics SaaS solutions is the industry leader in marketing resource planning and attribution. Acquired by Neustar for nearly $500 million, MarketShare was backed by FTV Capital, Elevation Partners and Silver Lake Partners.                                                                                         

Prior to starting MarketShare, Wes was with Omnicom Group (NYSE: OMC) as President and CEO of TBWA's digital business, working with Nissan, Sony, Pfizer, and other brands. Prior, he was the founder and CEO of Direct Partners, building from scratch one of the industry's first data-driven analytics companies, which was acquired by Omnicom Group. Wes is a member of the Board of Directors of TrueCar (NASDAQ: TRUE), Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), computer vision software company GumGum, and a Trustee of Randolph-Macon College. Wes is an active member in both Young Presidents Organization (YPO). Wes is the 2016 winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was nominated as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum (WEF). Wes graduated from Randolph-Macon College and The Johns Hopkins University, with degrees in Psychology and Business, respectively. He is currently enrolled in the executive education program at Harvard Business School.  

2018 Schedule

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Welcome Reception Luskin Conference Center Patio
Thursday, May 17, 2018
7:30 – 8:30 a.m. Breakfast Plateia

The Impact of Recall Environment Intensity on Post-Recall Firm Performance: Insights from the Automobile Industry
• Amir Javadinia and Satish Jayachandran

What If Your Owners Own Other Firms in Your Industry? The Relationship between Institutional Cross-Ownership and a Firm’s Marketing Capability
• John Healey and Ofer Mintz

Effects of Foreign Competition on Incumbent Firms’ Marketing Responses and Performance: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment
• Nandini Ramani and Raji Srinivasan

Chief Marketing Officer Power and Strategic Alliance Success
• Hui Feng (Sophia) and Hang Nguyen


Personalized Marketing: A Topic-Based Dynamic Purchase Prediction Model
em>• Venky Shankar and Milad Darani

Man vs. Machine: Drivers and Consequences of Managers’ Decisions to Overwrite Analytics Based Sales Forecasts
• Tarun Kushwaha and Saravanan Kesavan

The Incremental Value of Unstructured Data in Prediction Customer Retention
• Evert de Haan and Elena Menichelli

Getting Gamblers Back to the Casino: Incorporating Experience Quality into CRM Models
• Wayne Taylor

10:00 – 10:30 a.m. Morning Break Foyer
10:30 – 12:00 p.m. BRANDS AND BRAND VALUE

Brand Value, Working Capital, and Economic Efficiency
• Neeraj Bharadwaj, Ramesh K. S. Rao, and Dominique Hanssens

Value Drivers in Brand Acquisitions
• Sundar Bharadwaj, Hang Nguyen, and Ranjani Ananthakrishnan

Intellectual Property Rights and Brand
• Alexander Krasnikov and Satish Jayachandran

Horizontal Brand and Vertical Line Extensions: The Role of Fit and Directionality in Creating Long-term Shareholder Value
• Darren Kim, Tania Bucic, Liem Viet Ngo, and Ashish Sinha


Why Doesn’t Every Paywall Pay Off? The Spillover Effect of an Online Paywall on Print Subscription
• Ho Kim and Reo Song

Economic Loss of Cookie Lifetime Restrictions
• Klaus Miller and Bernd Skiera

An Approach to Measure a Firm’s Risk of Losing Visibility in Organic Search
• Gabriela Werb, Christian Doppler, Bernd Skiera, McKinsey and Company, Chair of Electronic Commerce

Mobile-to-Store Promotion Effect on Omnichannel Spending: A Large-Scale Field Experiment
• Siliang Tong and Xueming Luo

12:00 – 1:30 p.m. Lunch Plateia

Drivers of Virality in Online Digital Content: Case of YouTube Video Ads
• Gerard J. Tellis, Seshadri T N, Deborah MacInnis, and Wayne Zhang

Virtual Reality in Retail: Contingent Effects on Consumer Purchases
• Guiyang Xiong and Shuai Yang

A Discovery-Driven Framework for Visualizing Emergent Consumer Experience from IoT Interaction Data
• Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak

Should Management Employ Human-like Robots?
• Bernd Schmitt, Noah Castelo, Miklos Savary


Strategies to Manage & Maximize Salesforce Performance
• Dr V Jumar, Robert Leone, Sarang Sundar, V Kumar

Assessing the Effectiveness of Inside and Outside Sales Structures: A Quasi-Experimental Approach
• Andrew Crecelius, Justin Lawrence, and Robert Palmatier

Managing Multichannel Sales Systems: Managing Manufacturer-Sales Partner Relationships in B2B Industries
• Arnd Vomberg, Christian Homburg, and Stephan Mulhauser

Channel Conflict: Bad for Business?
• Kamran Eshghi and Sourav Ray

Service Failure in the Transportation Industry: Modeling Its Impact on Sales
• Marc Fischer and Alexander Edeling

3:15 – 3:45 p.m. Afternoon Break Foyer
3:45 – 5:15 p.m. POLITICS AND ACTIVISM

Market Structure and Firm Engagement in Divisive Political Issues
• Chris Hydock and Neeru Paharia

Impact of Political Television Advertisements on Effectiveness of Subsequent Advertisements
• Beth Fossen and Girish Mallpragada

Brand Activism and Firm Value
• Nooshin L. Warren, Yashoda Bhagwat, Joshua Beck, and George Watson

Immigration, Abortion, and Gay Marriage, Oh My! Consumer Responses to Firm Political Activity
• T.J. Weber, Chris Hydock, Jeffery Joireman, and David Sprott


• CLeigh McAlister and Don Lehmann

6:30 – 9:00 p.m. Reception and Conference Dinner

Keynote: Wes Nichols
Co-Founder and former CEO, MarketShare Partners

Faculty Center
Friday, May 18, 2018
7:30 – 8:30 a.m. Breakfast Plateia

Customer Portfolio Management for Durables• Leigh McAlister, Shameek Sinha, and Abhishek Nayak

Driving the Long-Tail Growth in the Sharing Economy: Explore Interaction Effect Between Customer Protection Policy and Review Rating System
• Siliang Tong and Xueming Luo

What Drives Whether and When Firms Respond to Customer Complaints?
• Abhishek Borah, Vivek Astvansh, and Christine Moorman

Long-Term Consumer Responses to Dynamic Pricing
• Christian Homburg, Karin Lauer, and Arnd Vomberg


Measuring Display Advertising Response Using Panel Data
• Paul R. Hoban and Neeraj Arora

Have You Seen This Ad? The Impact of Display Ad Viewability on Advertising Effectiveness
• Christina Uhl, Nadia Abou Nabout, and Klaus Miller

Social Value of Bidders in Auctions: An Application in Real-Time Advertising
• Kamilla Zab, Bernd Skiera, and Martin Spann

Understanding Drives of Engagement: Does the Screen Matter?
• Sundar Bharadwaj, Myoung-Jin Chae, and Omar Rodriguez Vila


Preference Dynamics in Sequential Consumer Choice with Defaults
• Gerald Haeubl, Bas Donkers, Benedict Dellaert, and Andreas Herrmann

As Fast or Much as You Can: The Effects of Input and Output-Based Framing on Motivation
• Manissa Gunadi and Bram Van den Bergh

Neutralizing the Expense Prediction Bias
• Chuck Howard, David J. Hardisty, Abigail B. Sussmann, and Melissa A. Z. Knoll


• Natalie Mizik, Dominique Hanssens, Vildan Altuglu, Rene Befurt, Rebecca Reed-Arthurs, David Reibstein, and Peter Rossi

12:00 – 1:30 p.m. Lunch Plateia

Product Set Granularity and Product Recommendations
• Bas Donkers, Dimitrios Tsekouras, Benedict Dellaert, and Gerald Haeubl

Success of Ideas in Crowdsourcing Contents: Specialization, Fixation, and Productivity?
• Christian Pescher, Gerard J. Tellis and Johann Fuller

Attribute Dynamics and New Products
• Tojin T. Eapen and Rajdeep Grewal

Value Seekers: Are They a Homogenous Segment?
• Mira Swaminathan, Richa Agrawal


The Positive Effect of Not Following Others: How Influences on Social Media Convey Autonomy and Signal Influence
• Davide Proserpio, Francesca Valsesia, and Joseph C. Nunes

Social TV and Ad Avoidance
• Alexander Bleier and Beth L. Fossen

Urgent Requests: Bridging Knowledge Silos to
Serve Customers' Needs in B2B Markets
• Christian Pescher, Katja Hutter, Johann Fuller, Michael Heiss, Manfred Langen, Carsten Ehms


Call for Submissions


We invite your submissions to the 8th Theory and Practice of Marketing (TPM) Conference at UCLA Anderson. Previous TPM Conferences were hosted by the Darden School of Business, Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School, London Business School, Kellogg School of Management, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, and Texas A & M University.

The TPM Conference believes a big part of the marketing academia is too far removed from addressing substantive problems, focusing on narrower methodological issues and esoteric phenomena disconnected with real world application. This lack of focus threatens to make our field irrelevant and undermines the legitimacy of research at business schools.

The TPM Conference addresses this issue by showcasing research that focuses on substantive business problems supported by a sound methodology. The emphasis of research should be on relevance and impact with broad managerial implications.

Submission Guidelines:

We encourage you to submit your most impactful research for presentation at the TPM Conference. Submissions should be no more than 10 PowerPoint slides and must include the following:

  1. Audience and Motivation: What is your research motivation? Whose problem are you solving? In the first one to two slides, clearly establish the research motivation and identify a target audience and the issue they’re grappling with.
  2. Results: In the next one to two slies, describe the principle finds in words. 
  3. Method: In the next three to five slides, briefly describe your methods, specific numerical results, and limitations/generalizability.
  4. Linking Theory to Practice: On the last slide, clearly describe how your research links marketing theory to practice.

Remember that the audience is not purely academic, so your slides and presentation need to be easily understood by both scholars and managers.

A committee of experts will select the submissions to be presented at the conference. Judging from previous years’ conferences, selection is highly competitive.


Please email your slides to:

We are delighted to announce that the Journal of Marketing Research (JMR) is collaborating with TPM on a special section to include manuscripts based on accepted submissions to the conference. The hope and the goal for this special section is to publish manuscripts that have a high degree of relevance for stakeholders such as managers, policy makers, and business leaders. With no methodological or thematic constraints, we seek manuscripts with a diversity of methodological foci and a high level of rigor. Authors of submissions accepted for the conference may submit their manuscripts ofr this special section of JMR by the deadline mentioned below. All manuscripts submitted to JMR will undergo a regular review process. Consistent with JMR policy, the Journal will not consider manuscripts for the TPM special spection in the Journal that have been previously rejected at JMR. 

For any inquiries regarding the TPM Conference, please email Riana Hull,

Key Dates and Timelines


Submission Deadline: March 1, 2018

Decision on Conference Submissions: April 2, 2018

Conference Early Bird Registration Deadline: April 16, 2018

       Early Bird Registration Fees: $395
       Late Registration Fees: $495
       Student Registration Fees: $245

Conference Dates: May 16-18, 2018

JMR Submission Deadline: October 1, 2018



UCLA Meyer & Renee Luskin Conference Center
425 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095
(855) 522-8252

Make your reservations by clicking here or by calling the Luskin Center and reserving room under the block, “TPM Conference.”

NOTE: Please note that the room block deadline is April 16. After that date, the conference rate of $239 per night is no longer guaranteed and rooms may not be available. We urge you to make your hotel reservations early.

*Rooms booked through the Luskin Center website do not have special conference pricing.

Travel Information



Every element of the UCLA Meyer and Renee Luskin Conference Center and its adjoining hotel in Los Angeles was designed to honor the intrinsic link between innovation and rejuvenation. A LEED Platinum-certified property enhanced by leading edge resources, the UCLA Luskin Conference Center's bright and relaxing environment encourages open engagement. Here, leading academic minds, medical innovators, researchers, political leaders and social visionaries meet to exchange ideas that will move our world forward.

Every day, new innovations are sparked right here at UCLA, and the Luskin Conference Center is at the heart of it all. With more than 25,000 square feet of versatile, thoughtfully-executed event space, this UCLA hotel sets a higher bar for Los Angeles meeting spaces.The 254 graciously appointed guest rooms-many of which offer inspiring views of lush, landscaped grounds and historic architecture-the Luskin Conference Center offers accommodations in Westwood that are simultaneously warm and welcoming, coolly functional and technologically impressive. Guests of this UCLA hotel also enjoy on-site professional catering services, a well-equipped fitness center, a business center and free Wi-Fi throughout the property.


From Los Angeles International Airport

Take the San Diego Freeway (I-405) North and exit at Wilshire Boulevard East. Turn right onto Wilshire Boulevard and proceed a half mile to Westwood Boulevard. Turn left and the UCLA Luskin Conference Center, a premiere Los Angeles meeting venue and hotel, is located one mile ahead at end of the turnaround.

From San Fernando Valley (Bob Hope Burbank Airport)

Take the I-405 South Freeway toward San Diego. Take the Sunset Boulevard exit and turn left onto North Church Lane. Turn left onto Montana Avenue and continue onto Gayley Avenue. Turn left onto Strathmore Place and take the second left onto Westwood Plaza. The UCLA Luskin Conference Center and Hotel will be on the left.

From Downtown Los Angeles

Take the California 110 South/Harbor Freeway and continue onto the I-10 West Freeway. Merge onto the I-405 North Freeway toward Sacramento. Take the Wilshire Boulevard exit toward Westwood and merge onto Wilshire Boulevard. Turn left onto Westwood Boulevard and proceed onto Westwood Plaza. The UCLA Luskin Conference Center and Hotel will be on the left.

From Orange County

Take the California 22 West Freeway and merge onto the I-405 North Freeway toward Sacramento. Take the Wilshire Boulevard exit toward Westwood and merge onto Wilshire Boulevard. Turn left onto Westwood Boulevard and proceed onto Westwood Plaza. The UCLA Luskin Conference Center and Hotel Destination will be on the left.

From San Diego

Take the I-5 North Freeway and merge onto the I-405 North Freeway toward Sacramento. Take the Wilshire Boulevard exit toward Westwood and merge onto Wilshire Boulevard. Turn left onto Westwood Boulevard and proceed onto Westwood Plaza. The UCLA Luskin Conference Center will be on the left.

From Palm Springs

Take the California 111 North Freeway and continue onto the I-10 West Freeway towards Los Angeles County. Merge onto the I-405 North Freeway toward Sacramento. Take the Wilshire Boulevard exit toward Westwood and merge onto Wilshire Boulevard. Turn left onto Westwood Boulevard and proceed onto Westwood Plaza. The UCLA Luskin Conference Center will be on the left.



Self-parking is available underneath the Luskin Conference Center and in UCLA Parking Structure Eight, Level Four, directly across the street from the Center. There is a convenient pedestrian walkway/bridge connecting Parking Structure Eight (on Level Three) to the Los Angeles Conference Center property. There is a daily fee to park in either location.

To locate Parking Structure Eight, enter the campus by heading north on Westwood Boulevard and make a left onto the Structure Eight driveway (located just before the Parking Information Kiosk on Westwood Boulevard). Proceed up the ramp to Level Four and park in any of the “Pay-by-Space” parking spots. You will need to purchase parking at a nearby Parking Kiosk.

To access the UCLA Luskin Conference Center via the pedestrian walkway/bridge from Lot Eight, take the east stairs down one level (from Level Four to Level Three) and cross over Strathmore Place. Elevator access (located in the northeast corner of Level Three) allows access to the Conference Center via the pedestrian crosswalk at the traffic light at the intersection of Strathmore Place and Westwood Plaza.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The parking garage located under the Luskin Conference Center offers complimentary charging stations (first come, first served). Each station supports two parking spaces which are located in the northwest corner of the garage—spaces 114 to 115 and 118 to 119 — which are reserved exclusively for electric vehicles.


UCLA Transportation maintains a helpful list of alternative forms of transportation which includes local transit options and airport shuttles.

The Luskin Conference Center is just a five-minute walk from the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center and the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital, and is a short drive from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. This UCLA hotel an ideal place to stay in Westwood for patients and their families.