Sponsored Case Competitions

Students across all MBA degree programs gain invaluable marketing expertise by having the chance to participate in case competitions. Oftentimes, case competitions will be sponsored by companies to allow students access to (past or present) real-world problems that the company's marketing team has had to deal with. This gives students a chance to test their knowledge and decision making skills, as well as preparing them for some of the issues they may need to tackle in their post-MBA careers.


Elite 8 Case Competition

The Elite 8 Brand Management Case Competition takes place annually at the Carlson School of Business in Minneapolis, MN. The same eight business schools have competed for the past 15+ years, and every year there is a new sponsor company with a real-time parketing problem to tackle. Teams are given approximately 36 hours to prepare their presentations before delivering them to a panel of judges. Anderson's team this year consistend of three 2nd-year students and two 1st-year students pursuing post-MBA careers in marketing. 

This year, teams were asked to develop a marketing strategy to target a new customer segment for a large commercial building automation system and HVAC equipment company. After about 20 hours of work time (and a little bit of sleep), a few hours of presentation practice, and a 20-minute presentation, the Anderscon School of Management team was awarded 2nd place in the competition! The team was specifically complimented for the level of executional and financial detail their presentation provided. After a great first competition, the two 1st-year MBA students on teh team are excited to return in 2018 to tackle a new problem for a new company. 

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