>>Pulse Conference

January 30, 2015
110 Westwood Plaza
Korn Convocation Hall Los Angeles, CA 90095

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On January 30, 2015 the 5th annual PULSE Conference will bring together leading executives to explore current trends, opportunities and challenges across entertainment, sports and technology. This year's conference will feature keynote speakers and Game Changer Award recipient Mike Hopkins, CEO of Hulu, among many more industry thought leaders.

Panel Topics
Succeeding in Sports: A Transformational Moment

Sports Entertainment is evolving. With revolutionary technologies such as TV Everywhere, new consumption, revenue and advertising opportunities emerge almost daily. Simultaneously the expectations of fans have risen dramatically as they engage exponentially across social media, fan sourced journalism and fantasy sports. We explore how content creators, distributors and advertisers will harness their consumers’ passion to drive revenue while providing fans with the content they demand.

The Future of Film: Immersive Worlds, Expanding Markets

In Hollywood today, bigger is better and blockbuster tent poles and massive budget franchises are trying to drive audiences to theatres. Shared universes try to extend stories beyond the theater into television and digital media, mobile and video games. Yet, the 2014 summer box office was characterized by a massive decline in domestic box office revenues. The explosive growth of international markets like China and India means that Hollywood must think ever more globally. Amid this landscape, how are studios making decisions? What strategies are studios employing to engage with global audiences in an ever fragmented content landscape? Is media consolidation inevitable?

Music Beyond the Art

With the advent of free streaming services and the decline of digital and physical music sales, record labels face increasing pressure to diversify revenue streams. With the recent rise in popularity of music festivals across the nation, HBO entering the concert streaming market, and LiveNation partnering with Yahoo, the industry seems to be adjusting to evolving consumer values. We will look into the different perspectives of industry players in the music value chain and how they are looking to capture changing consumer value. How are companies innovating in the live event space? How have recent innovations developed a more immersive experience - bringing artists closer to their audience - in both digital and physical landscapes? How are companies using big data to target audiences? How are companies diversifying revenue streams through various channels?

Optimizing Content Value in the New Digital Advertising Landscape

Now that media is available any time, anywhere, brands are looking for new and creative ways to engage their consumer with rich content. Gone are the days of traditional media plans comprised of print, radio, and 30 second TV spots. Today brands must think outside the box and adopt a 360 degree approach. Original content, mobile and partnerships are driving major changes across the music, sports, entertainment and tech industries. Fresh data driven digital platforms and advertising models, including programmatic and native, are helping to shape this landscape as well. Find out how that impacts you as a marketer and a consumer.

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