At the core of our knowledge creation efforts are the research faculty of the Anderson School of Management. Dean Olian has made it a priority to hire professors who conduct research in media, entertainment, and sports across all core business disciplines. 

We leverage the academic community by interacting and collaborating with researchers from universities around the world. Each year, we bring together the research community to share their latest findings and distribute this intel to other researchers, students, and practitioners.

To ground our research in hard facts, we interface with companies that have access to a wealth of information and forward-thinking clients who are willing to collaborate with us to study pressing business problems and implement advanced solutions.


Los Angeles has long been a pioneer in creativity and innovation in media, entertainment, and sports.  As business becomes more reliant on global revenues, this city's role as major hub for worldwide entertainment content is expanding and evolving.

Drawing on our world-class research community, behavioral lab and other resources, the Center for MEMES works with executives and firms to examine management issues impacting their global business.
Gatekeeper Speaker SeriesLaunching Fall 2012 in partnership with the Entertainment Management Association, this sequence will showcase noted executives who hold the keys to progress and profit in entertainment, media and sports.  

Digital HollywoodThe Center for MEMES is collaborating to develop content and participate in Digital Hollywood events at the Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Rey. The conference unfolds over four days and boasts attendance of more than 2,300 industry professionals.