Investment Banking

"The Fink Center for Finance and Investment gives students the opportunity to connect with Anderson alums throughout the finance community thanks to its network of highly distinguished finance executives. The exposure that students have to industry experts befits them as they forge forward with a career in finance."

Jordan Weitzman // Class of ’13, 2012 IB Fellow

The Investment Banking Fellows program is designed to encourage fellows in pursuing a career in investment banking. In addition to their formal recognition as fellows, the selected students will be matched with alumni mentors in the field. These mentors may be drawn from either the U.S. or international investment banking centers. Fellows will receive guidance in interview preparation for summer internships. They will also have facilitated access to distinguished investment banking professionals who are friends of the Fink Center.

Fellows are expected to participate in the standard investment banking internship recruiting process through the Parker Career Center, in addition to attending special meetings organized by the program. The final choice of internship is left in each fellow's hands, though the program expects that fellows will choose an internship in investment banking.

Selection process: Interested first-year, full-time MBA students should submit their application (click here to download application) by noon on Thursday, October 8th, 2015. The program is open to all first-year, fulltime MBA, UCLA Anderson students with a demonstrated interest and commitment to completing a summer internship in investment banking. Finalists will be chosen by a selection committee based on academic excellence, innovation, creativity, and motivation to succeed in the world of investment banking. We encourage applications both from those with experience in the industry and from those who are considering entering investment banking for the first time.