Past Events


Past Events (2007-2014)




Oct 28, 2014

Speaker: Josh Friedman Lunch 4 8 Speaker Series
April 17, 2014

Speaker: Christopher Myers Lunch 4 8 Speaker Series
March 14, 2014

Speaker: William Barnum Private Equity Roundtable
Feb 28, 2014

Speaker: Rob Arnott Fink Center Stock Pitck Competition
Feb 7, 2014

Speaker: Steven Romick The 3rd Annual Fink Investing Conference
Jan 16, 2014

Speaker: Christopher (Kit) Jennings Lunch 4 8 Speaker Series
Nov 4, 2013

Speaker: Steven Mnuchin Lunch 4 8 Speaker Series

Oct 24, 2013

Speaker: David Hou Lunch 4 8 Speaker Series 

Sept 25, 2013

Anderson School Dialogue with Harry Markowitz: Conference on Opportunities and Challenges Applying Financial Techniques During a Crisis

May 21, 2013

Speaker: Mark Grinblatt Fink Center Student Seminar Series
Long-Term Investing with Unknown Expected Returns

May 7, 2013

Speaker: Brian Boyer Fink Center Student Seminar Series
Options as Lotteries

Apr. 30, 2013

Speaker: Romain Warcziag Fink Center Student Seminar Series
Economic Development over the long run

Apr. 23, 2013

Speaker: Mark Garmaise Fink Center Student Seminar Series
Entrepreneurial Success in the United States

Apr. 16, 2013

Speaker: Ivo Welch Fink Center Student Seminar Series
Some Quantitative Limits For Disaster Risk and Equity Premium Estimates

Apr. 2, 2013

Speaker: Suzanne Shu Fink Center Student Seminar Series
Preferences and framing effects for consumers' retirement income decisions

Feb. 22, 2013

Anderson School FINK Center Stock Pitch Competition

Feb. 8, 2013

Anderson School 2013 Anderson Investing Conference

Jan. 16, 2013

Anderson School The Financial Implications of Going Green

Dec. 7, 2012

Anderson School A Discussion of Investment Principles with Ric Kayne & Howard Marks

Mar. 13, 2012

Anderson School The Fink Center Private Equity Roundtable

March 9, 2012

Anderson School  Stock Pitch Competition 
March 2, 2012 Collins Center  2nd Annual Private Equity Summit 
Feb. 10, 2012 Korn Hall  Inaugural Investing Conference 
Nov. 11, 2011 Beverly Hilton Larry Fink & Bill Gross: A Candid Discussion
Oct. 22-23, 2010
Collins Center Private Equity Summit 

April 23, 2010

Gold Hall-B208

Short-termism: Leverage Points for Encouraging a Longer-Term Focus in Capital Markets

April 22, 2010

Korn Hall

Laurence D. Fink ('76) Tells Students He Favors Financial Reform 

April 14, 2010

Korn Hall

The Future of Financial Regulations: Balancing Risk and Reward

Oct. 17, 2008

Cornell Hall-D.301

Global Finance Conference

Sept. 25, 2008

Dean's Terrace

The Fink Center Dedication

Nov. 13, 2007


Real Estate and the Macroeconomy Executive Briefing

May 4, 2007

Gold Hall-B.313

Alternative Assets Conference

March 12, 2007

The Museum of Televison & Radio (New York)

R.O.I. '07

Feb. 1, 2007

Korn Hall

R.O.I. '06

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