Your learning experience will focus on the most important aspects of today’s digital tech world, while gaining insights from instructors and industry leaders.

Program Dates:
June 25 - August 3, 2018



Students will build their own custom educational experience by bundling two out of the following four areas specialization, based on their background or interests:

MGMT 163

"Entrepreneurship and New Product Development"

Monday and Wednesday Mornings



New products are the lifeblood of any corporation and the cornerstone of any economy. Without expanding the product portfolio, any modern corporation can quickly succumb to competition and lose significant market share, or even be totally dis-intermediated. This phenomenon has been intensified with the advancements in digital economy. The innovation process has been significantly altered as a result of the impact of digital economy across all industries and markets. While most companies recognize the need for new products, not all such new products that are introduced to the market are successful. And even a smaller percentage can stand the test of time and reach significant market share or achieve resilient popularity. Innovation is one of the key drivers of making new products. We will examine the process of innovation and new product development and discuss the associated paradigms and success factors (through the case and class discussions).

This course is designed to help students deepen their understanding of new product innovation, development, and management. In the course the student will assume the role of a product developer or a product manager focused on developing a –new- concept into a new product (for a start-up or a mature corporation). This product developer/manager identifies, develops, and commercializes a new product according to the material presented in the class and the reading assignments. The course will seek to develop students’ critical thinking, decision-making skills, and creativity to develop and launch a successful new product (team project).

Course Syllabus

MGMT 180

"Design Thinking: UX/UI"

Tuesday and Thursday Afternoons



In this 6 week course, students will be introduced to Design Thinking, which is a process for creatively and systematically solving problems by putting people and their needs first. Through lectures with professional examples, interactive team activities, and individual, as well as team assignments, students will learn both the theory and practice behind the design thinking process. Ultimately, the course will use design thinking to take students through the design of the User Experience (UX) and User-Interface (UI) of a product or service of their creation.

Since Design Thinking is collaborative in nature, student work will center on a team project throughout the course. This will help speak to the importance of teamwork and how to best balance varying skillsets and schedules. However, there will also be individual assignments and select readings to help students reflect on their experience and help assess for the class learning objectives. 

Course Syllabus

MGMT 180

"Introduction to Data Management and Analytics: Big and Small Data"

Monday and Wednesday Afternoons



Data is one of the most vital asset of an organization. Therefore, knowing how to manage it, analyze it,will help organizations improve their insights and also give them the ability to make better decisions.Because business managers and officers rely on this data to make important decisions, it is critical thatthis data be of quality, protected yet easily accessible, and understandable. Databases have become thecore of companies' intellectual infrastructure.

In this course you will learn how to design a database and model the business. Using native programinglanguage of database (SQL) to interact with database, access data and manipulate them. Also you willunderstand what is BI and data visualization by working with one the popular software called Tableau.

Course Objectives:

    • To gain an understanding of data and data modeling
    • To gain an understanding of Relational Database Management Systems.
    • To gain an understand and use Structured Query Language.
    • To gain an understanding of Data Analytics and Visualization.

Course Syllabus

MGMT 180

"Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning"

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings



This course provides a practical foundation in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologythrough the lens of industry examples. The main objective of the course is to educate and inspire thecreation of the next generation of awesome products and business models that leverage AI/ML for thebetterment of humanity.

The course uses subject matter experts in the various application fields to bring real life businessapplications into the classroom for discussion and healthy debate. There is a lot of confusion andmisunderstanding of AI in the news media and general population around what AI can and cannot doand what the business opportunities and societal impacts of AI will or will not be. The course aims toarm the students with enough technological and business facts by examining current projects andtrends and helping them connect the data points towards how AI might develop in the future impactingthe trajectory of their careers and lives. While technical topics will be covered in the course, it will becompletely accessible to students of all levels of technical background, including non-technical.COURSE OBJECTIVES:

    • To gain an understanding of all the facets of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.
    • To gain an understanding of the business applications of AI today.
    • To gain an understanding of the business applications of AI in the future.
    • To gain an understanding of the ethical and societal impact of AI.
    • To gain an understanding of ways in which your career and skills may relate to AI.

Course Syllabus


This program carries 8 quarter units of UC credit for a letter grade.

Major Tech Company Access


The Easton Tech Summer Institute will not only prepare you in the classroom, but you'll learn immeasurably through field trips and special speaking engagements, where you'll get a view of what it's like inside some of the most legendary high-tech companies. Last year, these companies either hosted us or spoke on campus for this program:

Team Project


Students will work in teams under the guidance of the instructor and prepare to present their projects to the instructor, their peers and invited guests for a comprehensive feedback.

Speaker Series


Opportunity to listen to high-profile industry leaders and professionals to gain insight into the backgrounds and experiences of their learnings along the path of reaching the accomplished levels they currently hold.

Company Visits


Opportunity to visit local companies and startups. These trips usually include presentations by company by managers and leaders followed by a tour. Such visits provide insights into the workings of a company, its culture, and an opportunity to meet and network with the managers and leaders of the company.

MBA Panel


Opportunity to meet and learn from a panel of MBA students on their experiences and learnings as they work in industry and study in UCLA Anderson.

EDGE Online


EDGE Online is offered to Technology Leadership Summer Institute students free of charge in order to better prepare them for their on-campus experience. EDGE is a fully online course and provides a vital overview of business foundations, teaching keys frameworks and vocabulary that will help students to apply the specific knowledge which they acquire in the Technology Leadership Summer Institute and use it more effectively as they enter the world of work.

Students will be registered for EDGE Online upon acceptance into the Technology Leadership Summer Institute and will be expected, wherever possible, to complete the course before the program ends. Edge Online’s content will be referenced by Technology Leadership Summer Institute instructors and students must demonstrate their understanding of EDGE tools and frameworks in their assignments. All students must complete Edge Online in order to receive the certificate of completion for the Technology Leadership Summer Institute. 

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