Academic Internships

Academic Internships


Academic Internships are an Easton Enrichment Activity designed to help students work with seasoned professionals on projects that can help them learn new industries, new skills, and develop additional networking contacts – with the goal of getting hands-on experience to help transition into a new role after graduation. Projects could range from business plan development to market research to product development, and they can be completed for the real-world experience on your resume and even course credit. This Easton initiative is meant to result in a portal to connect students with organizations.

Student Perspectives:

"I would definitely recommend the 1st years working with Easton center on the academic internships as soon as possible, not just for recruiting but also to get the real-world experience much before Summer Internship and create a closed loop in the learning process."
--Sridutt Nayak, MBA '18

"Easton's academic internship program is an excellent way of gaining entrepreneurial experience and understanding more about the tech start-up world.  I started as an intern with a tech start-up in LA and now am the Product Strategy and Marketing Director"
 - Geetha Rajan, FEMBA '17

Students - to see current academic internship opportunities, go to the CCLE Portal

Companies - if you would like to provide an academic internship for our students, click here

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