The Anderson Tech Business Association is the gateway to the tech industry for MBA candidates at the UCLA Anderson School of Management MBA students. AnderTech enables students to launch or advance their careers in the tech industry or in other industries that utilize tech by providing educational programming, networking opportunities and career development. We touch upon product marketing, product management, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, consulting, operations, human capital and business development, just to name a few. Some of our club's high-profile events include Tech Treks, Career Night, workshops, conferences and case competitions.

UCLA Anderson

Academic Partnerships

Easton partners with centers within Anderson, other schools and centers on campus as well as other universities to bring various new offerings as well as opportunities for networking. Easton partners with the Consumer Technology Association to bring the CES at Anderson and with the Center for MEMES to present the Big Data Conference. Easton has also partnered with AnderTech, EMA, Impact@Anderson, and UCLA Extension on panel events.

UCLA Anderson

Industry Partnerships

Easton's industry partnerships cover startups and larger companies. Mucker Labs and LACI along with some smaller startups have provided academic internships to Easton students. Easton has also partnered with T.i.E, IS Associates, POMS, and DEW on panels, conferences, and networking events.

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