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About BIT

  • BIT is an open community of academic institutions and industry partners interested in exploring and understanding the global digital economy, with respect to emerging technologies and their impact on economies, sectors, firms, business practice, processes and jobs over an extended time horizon.
  • The research pursued by network partners will cover a broad scope. At the macro level, economies around the world are trending to be both service and information intensive. In fact the over-arching trend is towards "information intensive services" becoming dominant in terms of GNP and value creation. Then there are significant changes created in many industry sectors by new technologies. In some cases these changes are highly disruptive, as in the case of content distribution. In other cases, some incumbents will continue to play a significant role along with some new entrants. This is likely to happen in sectors like financial services and retailing. However, there may also be substantial changes in sector structure, and the pattern of competition.
  • The changes in sectors and industries are accompanied by organizational changes as companies and institutions race to adapt to new conditions. Traditional management functions are being re-engineered. These changes extend to operating procedures, management systems and processes as well as to the level of individual jobs.
  • Another perspective on the impact of technologies on business is in terms of emerging issues that cut across sectors. Security is one that seems sure to be a continuing concern for the foreseeable future. Trust and the credibility of sources is another.
  • It will also be important to track emerging technologies to understand their implications for economies, sectors, firms and management issues. The implications of data analytics, mobile devices and cloud-based information systems are already very apparent. At this time, the full consequences of the technologies related to AI, voice interfaces, blockchains, smart systems, or IoT are perhaps not completely understood.
  • The BIT network will hold conferences that bring together partners and associates, at locations around the world. The conferences will be organized by partners with themes that reflect regional and global interests with respect to ongoing developments in technologies, sectors and applications. The project will assemble research publications as books and in other formats, with contributions from partners and from invited contributors.  



Professor Uday Karmarkar

Director - BIT


Professor Uday Karmarkar is the founder and director of the BIT global network. He began his teaching career as an assistant professor at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. He later moved to the Simon School at University of Rochester, where he was Xerox Chair Professor of Operations Management and directed the Center for Manufacturing and Operations Management. At UCLA Anderson, he is the Los Angeles Times Chair in Technology and Strategy (since 1994) and UCLA Distinguished Professor in Decisions, Operations and Technology Management. He was the founding editor of the Journal of Manufacturing and Operations Management, the Technology and Operations Review and Current Trends and Foundations in TIOM. He has served as associate editor or advisory editor of several other journals. Professor Karmarkar has a B.Tech from IITB, and a Ph.D. from MIT.

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Dr. Vandana (Ann) Mangal


Dr. Mangal is Executive Director of the Easton Technology Management Center and Co-director of the BIT project at UCLA Anderson School of Management. As the Founding Executive Director, she has played a key role in launching and growing the Easton Center from 60 to over 600 students, in setting the strategy and direction of the Center and, has played a key role in raise $15 million in funds. The Center’s curriculum has made Anderson a school of choice for MBAs interested in tech careers with nearly 30% MBA students being placed in tech companies. As Research Director of BIT, Dr Mangal played a key role in launching and growing BIT from 3 to 21 partners in 17 countries. She has published four books, journal papers and magazine articles, and has participated in talks and panels at academic and industry conferences. Her areas of interest include technology management, big data and artificial intelligence. She is on the board of the UCLA IS Associates; on the Advisory Board of the UCLA Extension Technical Management Program, on the Executive Committee for the LA Media Lab and is a cofounder and board member of the Women's Initiative Network (WIN). She is passionate about STEM and speaks in high schools and colleges about digital technology careers with tech or no tech backgrounds. Dr. Mangal holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from PEC, and an MS and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University.

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