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The Easton Technology Management Center & Center for Management in Entertainment and Media Enterprise Present:


NOVEMBER 17, 2017

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The theme of this year’s conference is innovation. With the rise of new experiences such as VR and AR, new platforms for data storage, analysis and security, data-driven business initiatives are transforming the entertainment/media, healthcare, energy, financial services, retail and agriculture industries. Big data has proven to be a powerful tool — opening new business opportunities and transforming the way companies connect with consumers. Consumer insights gleaned from data and analytics have been critical to the launch of subscription music and video services and the transformation of live events and sports.

Big Data has matured and moved from hype to deployment in organizations that have a better understanding on how best to get value from it. Big Data has expanded into an ecosystem that includes technologies such as the internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI). These are disrupting businesses through innovations such as chatbots and personal assistants, autonomous vehicles and smart homes and cities, where actionable insights are desired in real-time or near real-time.

Now in its third year, the Big Data Conference at UCLA Anderson will showcase insights from some of the most influential business leaders currently driving their industries forward. Organized by the Easton Center and the Center for MEMES at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, the conference provides a unique blend of business cases, best practices and innovation in business, technology and media.

2016 Highlights


"I was really impressed by the quality of the speakers and the thought that went into discussions."
--Jason Lee, Principal, Bain & Co.

"I have been to many conferences and networking events - this was superior, the information and guest speakers were awesome!"
-- Sherri Freeman, Business Development Manager, Edge Skills

Sue Baumgarten
Big Data Conference: Value is derived when data is turned into insights, then translated action
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Big Data Conference
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