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Mgmt 275-01: Innovation in Media & Entertainment Through Technology

Innovations in technology are impacting the media industry at a rapid pace. Recent advancements have not only disrupted the traditional business models, but have also created an ecosystem that fosters new forms of media and new processes for consuming it. As media power and preferences continue to shift from corporations to the consumer, content creators struggle to stay relevant in a continually evolving environment. Technological advancements have forced creators to innovate and alter the way they create, distribute and monetize content today.

This course will be offered Fall quarter, taught by Professor Montgomery.

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Mgmt 275-02: Technology Management for Cloud Computing & Big Data

The course focuses on how cloud computing & data analytics are affecting business models. After taking this course, students in more traditional, non-technical business management roles will be able to hold a knowledgeable & informed conversation with the CIO on usage/enablement of cloud computing resources. Emphasis is on understanding how cloud technology is affecting the marketplace & consumer behavior. Secondary emphasis is on how organizations can use these new technologies to their advantage, either through new product/service offerings or new organizational capabilities. It is designed to learn managerial consumption of large data sets & understand how results are produced to make data-driven decisions. A hands-on exercise will enhance understanding of how large data sets can be used to gain business insights, not just as a reference. Industry guests will present real-world scenarios given the recentness of the technologies & the rapid pace of market disruption they cause.

This course will be offered in Fall quarter, taught by Professor Blevins.

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Congratulations to our Faculty Director, Professor Guillaume Roels

We would like to congratulate Guillaume Roels on winning the Neidorf Decade Teaching Award. Not only is Professor Roels is exemplary teacher, his diligent work in building the technology curriculum through the Easton Center has brought great value to the overall curriculum at UCLA Anderson. 

Easton Reminders


Include Easton Center on Your Linked-in Profiles

Please include the Easton Technology Management Center as an activity you participate in on your Linked-in accounts. This way companies and individuals who are affiliated with the Easton Center will be able to find our students when looking for potential candidates for employment.


Academic Internships

Academic Internships are an Easton Enrichment Activity designed to help students work with seasoned professionals on projects that can help them learn new industries, new skills, and develop additional networking contacts – with the goal of getting hands-on experience to help transition into a new role after graduation. Projects could range from business plan development to market research to product development, and they can be completed for the real-world experience on your resume and even course credit. This Easton initiative is meant to result in a portal to connect students with organizations.

As an example, last year 6 Anderson students participated in an academic internship at the UCLA Medical School and the UCLA Accelerator. Over the course of 10 weeks, these students were involved in valuing pipeline drugs for the UCLA Medical School. Later, they prepared an exit strategy for a digital diagnostic pharmaceutical invention.

We also have opportunities with incubators, such as Mucker Labs and LACI. 

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Track Your Progress for the Easton Certificate

You can use the CCLE Easton Student Portal to track your progress while earning the Easton Certificate - see how many workshops/events you've attended, how many overall requirements you have left to complete, check for any discrepancies between your records and our own, see upcoming workshops/events, and more. 

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Free Tutorials on Lynda.com

Lynda.com is a web training site that offers over a thousand video tutorials on software like Windows, Dreamwaver, Photosop, SQL, photography, digital videos, and event marketing.

This amazing site is FREE for all UCLA students so be sure to visit and see what you can learn. You'll just need to enter your UCLA id and password to log in (not your Anderson id and password).

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External Events


Big Data Day LA

Big Data Day LA 2017 is coming to USC on August 5, 2017! Big Data Day LA is the largest free Big Data conference in Southern California. BDDLA started in 2013 with over 250 attendees, it has grown over the years

Ø  2014: 550 attendees
Ø 2015: 950 attendees
Ø  2016: 1250 attendees  
and for 2017, we expect more than 1500 attendees.  

We're excited to announce the following tracks for BDDLA 2017  
Ø  Big Data
Ø  Data Science
Ø  Hadoop / Spark / Kafka
Ø  Use Case Driven  

We also have incredible keynote speakers lined up:  
Ø  David Waxman (TenOneTen Ventures partner)
Ø  Ian Swanson (DataScience CEO / founder)
Ø  Lauren Moores (Tala / Director, Data Analytics)
Ø  Maggie Jan (Keen.IO / Chief Data Scientist)
Ø  Mike Warren (Descartes Labs / Co-Founder & CTO)  

There's much more to come - you can participate in this influential event and reach out to an audience of data technologists:     
Sign up as a sponsor   
Submit a proposal for a tech talk   
Volunteer to help organize the event  

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