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Progress Plan Meetings with Dr. Mangal

New time slots have been added for Spring quarter to meet Dr. Mangal. Please be sure to submit your Progress Plan before scheduling the meeting. 

(You can find the progress plan questions and sign up link on the "Progress Plan" tab on the requirement tracking doc.)

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Mentoring for an Afternoon - Alan Saporta, VP Software Engineering - Disney Studios

Alan Saporta is offering 2 mentoring sessions on May 2 - this is a firm committment to attend the session, please only sign up if you are 100% sure you can attend.

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Mentoring for an Afternoon - Ignacio Riesgo, Director - Microsoft

Ignacio Riesgo is offering 4 mentoring sessions on May 21 - this is a firm committment to attend the session, please only sign up if you are 100% sure you can attend.



MedTech Panel - Blog and Photos

View photos and read the blog from last week's MedTech Panel, presented by Easton Center and BCLA.

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Easton Center Certificate/Tech Specialization

If you are graduating this Spring and would like to receive the Easton Certificate (aka Technology Specialization), click below to send an email to the Easton Center and let us know.

Completion of Requirements:

Courses Submit your unofficial Anderson grade report (Submissions tab in tracking doc)
Events/Workshops Attend events/workshops in person and sign in
FEMBA students can watch 1 previously recorded workshop/event (each) and submit a write-up for attendance credit
EMBA students can watch 2 previously recorded workshops/events (each) and submit write-ups for attendance credit
Enrichment Activities Submit descriptions / proof of completion (Submissions tab)
Summer Internship Submit description (Submissions tab)
Service Activity Submit description (Submissions tab)
Progress Plan Complete the progress plan and sign up for meeting (Progress Plans tab)

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Easton Center Events & Workshops


Entrepreneurial Sales Techniques (Workshop)

Wednesday April 25, 5:00 - 6:30pm

If the thought of a cold call makes you sweat or the idea of having to persuade someone to buy a product or agree to your idea makes you lose sleep - please join us for this sales workshop... you'll leave with tips you can start using immediately to give you more comfort in the art of persuasion.

We will learn hands-on and technical sales skills that will assist students in persuading various stakeholders throughout their careers. Whether it be in a job interview, in a sales capacity, or in an internal company meeting, students who have gone through the workshop will be more equipped to make a compelling case for their ideas, handle objections, and ultimately "seal the deal."Students will learn:

  • Preparation
  • Addressing various audiences
  • Presenting solutions
  • Managing objections
  • Negotiations
  • Closing

About Kate Pletcher ('07)
Kate Pletcher is the Founder and CEO of Treehouse Partners. Prior to launching the firm, Kate owned and ran a successful franchised staffing firm in Los Angeles, served as Director of Global Brand Licensing for Skechers (sourcing and managing licensing programs on behalf of the $2 billion brand around the world), and worked as Director of Business Development for bsp (a brand extension consultancy). This, after building a successful sales career in the advertising and (believe it or not) mattress industry!

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Career Transitions Panel

Sunday April 29, 12:45 - 2:00pm

If you'd like to understand how you can transition into a different role, different company, or different sector come listen to recent UCLA Anderson grads tell their transition stories.

Confirmed Panelists:
Joie Bernabe (MBA '14) - Senior Global Brand Manager, Blizzard Entertainment
Dwight Brown (EMBA '16) - VP of Sales, CareMore Health, Anthem Inc.
Damanjeet Chandok (EMBA '16) - Founder, Medville Corp.
Neama Dadkhahnikoo (MBA '14) - CTO, CaregiversDirect

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The Transformational Journey of Agile (Workshop)

Wednesday May 2, 5:00 - 6:30 pm

It's time to change the way we think about software and product development!

Join us on a journey through the Agile development methodology process and principles where we find out why it works so well in delivering exceptional business value. The Agile methodology is a proven way to deliver software and products that delight customers in a far more successful way than traditional approaches.

Students will gain:

  • A high level overview of the Agile development methodology
  • An understanding of why Agile is a far more successful approach to software/product development than traditional techniques
  • Guidance, rooted in experience, on how to transform a product development team towards adopting this methodology
  • Experience with some of the core Agile principles via a hands-on game

About Alan Saporta

VP Software Engineering, Walt Disney Studios
Alan Saporta is a 20 year veteran of the software industry having held technology leadership positions at IBM, Charles Schwab, Deluxe Entertainment and currently is VP of Software Engineering at Walt Disney Studios. He's also been Agile practitioner since 2007. Alan has a deep passion for 3 things: 1. delivering great software that delights customers; 2. mentoring; 3. chocolate. Alan also authors a blog "OnMentoring" ( http://onmentoring.info ), which seeks to inspire people both to become mentors and to find mentors for their own career and personal growth.

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Easton Center Reminders


Easton Certificate Requirement Tracking Document

We've updated the document with multiple tabs of information related to the Easton certificate: requirements, course offerings, submission links, and more. We are no longer using CCLE so you will be able to get all information/updates in this one document.

If you recently joined as a student and don't see updates for workshops or events you attended, you'll need to let us know, since we were not tracking your attendance until now. You can submit a list with dates using the link below.

Questions About Tracking

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Technology Management Discussion Forum

Message from Professor Kramer:

Dear Current and Former Students, I hope you’re doing well with your ongoing learnings and professional lives! Many of you, when attending and subsequently finishing one of my classes asked if there was a way to stay current on current tech developments and maintain a dialog on these. With the help of one of my recent students, Sahil Maheshwari and the UCLA IT team, have helped me develop a Technology Management Discussion Forum on CCLE. You are invited to join us on this Technology Management Discussion Forum.

Technology today is touching every aspect of a consumer’s life and altering the way enterprises operate everywhere. As we aspire at Anderson to Think in the Next, no matter what your leadership role or function is, it is evident that technology will play a key role in augmenting your domain expertise and skills as you lead into the future. This Technology Discussion forum is designed to be a platform for content sharing and constructive discussion around key areas of technology like Mobile, E-Commerce, Autonomous Cars, Artificial Intelligence, Public Policy & Social Impact etc. that are going to play a key role in shaping the future.

What is the Technology Management Discussion Forum?
This is the Collaboration Site for Technology Management Discussion for UCLA Anderson Students and Alumni. On this forum we will share the latest news and insights in various areas of technology that are impacting consumers, enterprises and society. As I do in my Technology Management and Global Mobile class, I will share relevant articles on the discussion forum and provide a platform for broader conversation between my past and current students.

What’s the ‘So What’ of using this forum?
- Keep up with the latest news and articles on various aspects of technology impacting wide range of industry verticals.
- Remain engaged in constructive discussions with other Technology Management and Global Mobile Alumni.
- Find peers with similar interests, share ideas, network and Think In The Next!

How is content laid out?
The forum is structured to have key topics listed on the left side of the site so that participants can navigate to the topic of their interest. Each section has its own dedicated discussion forum. Latest articles and content in each section will be posted on an ongoing basis and students are encouraged to share their thoughts, start discussions, share content and comment on other participants posts to exchange constructive ideas, articles and information with the group.

How can I share my ideas or content with others?
You can go to a topic’s discussion forum and add a new discussion topic. Alternatively, you can comment on thoughts of other students and engage in a fruitful discussion. You can also post new articles as part of discussion topics.

How often is new content posted on forums?
These forums will be regularly updated with latest topics and news articles as they are shared with students in my classes.

Is there a way to see all topics, articles and discussion forum on one page?
Yes. You can use ‘Show all’ on left menu navigation to list all topics, forums and articles at once.

Will I have access to this forum in future?
We are trying to provision it for both current and former students so that you can stay actively engaged and keep up with latest happenings in your topic of interest, learn from peers and participate even after you have completed one of my courses.

Can I subscribe to individual forum?
Yes. For example, if you are interested only in ‘Artificial Intelligence’ you can subscribe to that learning forum by going to Forums on left menu and changing the ‘Subscribed’ option to Yes for Learning forum of your choice. You can also set desired ‘Email digest type’ or RSS feed and tracking for any section to get mail notifications as desired whenever posts are made.

I don’t see a topic of my interested or have suggestions for improvements, who should I contact?
If there are new areas that you would like to see or have suggestions on how we can improve the forum please get in touch with Prof. Kramer via email with details on what you would like to see or improve. UCLA Anderson's Honor Code will apply always. http://www.anderson.ucla.edu/Documents/areas/adm/web/AndersonHonorCode.pdf

With that we hope you enjoy your time on technology discussion forum and share insights from your own experiences while learning from the journey of others!

- Terry Kramer

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1:1 Mentoring with Steve Heckler

Sign up today for a 45-minute 1:1 mentoring session with executive Steve Heckler.

This 45-minute career-counseling mentoring session fulfills an Easton Enrichment Activity Requirement. Discuss topics ranging from job search strategy to career growth and career transition, to politics in the organization. Learn from an entrepreneurial business executive with extensive experience in strategic sales and marketing management, channel distribution, business transformation, and Internet-based business strategies.


1. Send a copy of your resume to The Easton Center and Briana Tapia PLUS 2 – 3 sentences about what you’d like to discuss with Steve.

2. THEN, sign up for any available time slot at Steve Heckler: Executive-in-Residence Appointments.

Not fulfilling the prerequisite requirements will result in removal from the appointment schedule.


Write a Blog Post for the Easton Center Blog

Writing a post for the Easton Center blog gives you a chance to share your knoweldge with your peers. It's also a great way to fulfill your service activity requirement for the Easton Certificate.

The topic can be anything you're interested in when it comes to tech, we don't have any requirements or restrictions. We just want to give you an additional opportunity to learn from one another and share ideas/success.

Please submit your blog posts to easton@anderson.ucla.edu


Free Tutorials on Lynda.com

Lynda.com is a web training site that offers over a thousand video tutorials on software like Windows, Dreamwaver, Photosop, SQL, photography, digital videos, and event marketing.

This amazing site is FREE for all UCLA students so be sure to visit and see what you can learn. You'll just need to enter your UCLA id and password to log in (not your Anderson id and password).

Access Lynda.com

External Announcements


Internship Opportunity at FoxNet

External Announcements


Academic Internship Opportunity - ICCE, Inc.

Brief Description
* ICCE is seeking an enthusiastic individual to serve as a Marketing Intern within our Marketing Team. This is the perfect opportunity for a business student or someone with sales experience who is interested in learning and assisting in the development of a wide variety of creative marketing strategies to produce significant results and help us to achieve our goals.
* 15-20 hours of work per week, able to start immediately

Preferred Skills
* Experience with online marketing technologies (preferred)
* International travel and/or work experience (preferred)
* Current enrollment in a related BS or Master's degree program with an emphasis on Marketing (preferred)
* 1 year of sales related experience (preferred) 

Submit Your Resume

External Events


[BCLA] Pasadena Biotech Mixer

Monday April 23, 6:00 - 9:00pm
Dabney Lounge, Pasadena

Biotech Connection LA brings you another biotech mixer, this time in Pasadena! Come network with fellow academics and industry professionals from all over LA and enjoy appetizers and drinks at Dabney Lounge located in Caltech's campus. Reserve your spot now for this highly anticipated mixer! 

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[UCLA ACM] Founder's School: Tech Meets Entrepreneurship

Friday April 6, 11:30am - 1:30pm
HNB, Los Angeles

UCLA Founder's School is the largest university entrepreneurship conference in Southern California hosted by UCLA ACM and UPE. The inspiration behind Founder's School started two years ago when a couple of students wanted to bring the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that is prominent in Silicon Valley to the Socal region. The fervor to passionately follow your own visions of a product or concept, the grit to follow plans through, and the boldness to take risks are just some of many qualities an entrepreneur may have, and Founder School strives to incite and inspire students, engineers, founders, investors, and professionals through an exchange of background stories, ideas and perspectives all centralized around the intangible notion of entrepreneurship. Through this diverse and collaborative environment, we aspire to expose students to real-world entrepreneurial skills not found in a traditional classroom setting, and have them meet both mentors and partners to build meaningful connections for future business ventures and gain lifelong advice.

The theme that previous years have had include inspiration, and exploration, and this year, the conference aims to integrate "Impact" as the pivot. We are bringing in individuals in startups that have had a high impact directly on our immediate surroundings or far-away in communities we may not instantly realize we are influenced by. Just some of fields our speakers are heavily involved in include education (Grant Husford), transportation (Sanketh Katta), health-care (Harsh Vathsangam). One of our keynote speakers will be Omar Hamoui, Partner @ Sequoia, who will be giving a talk on his transition from entrepreneurship to VC.

Registration for the event will open early April. In the meanwhile, you can sign up for our mailing list here: http://uclafs.com and information for last year's conference can be found here: http://uclafs.com/#/2017

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[BCLA] Healthcare Symposium: The Opioid Epidemic

Tuesday May 22, 9:00am - 5:00pm

Biotech Connection LA is hosting a healthcare symposium geared towards addressing opioid misuse, a rapidly evolving health crisis in the nation. Reserve your spot now and stay tuned for more information.

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Big Data Day LA

Saturday, August 18

We are thrilled to open registration for Big Data Day LA 2018, tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 18th, 2018 at University of Southern California.

Big Data Day LA is several months away but we wanted to announce some exciting changes.

1) Attendance is free if you register before Apr 30th. Following the early registration deadline, we are introducing a tiered pricing model as follows:

March & April: Registration is FREE starting March 1 through April 30th.
  • May & June: $40 to register
  • July 1st until the day of the event: $50 to register
  • Students get 50% off using code STDNT (bring your ID card on the day of event to check-in) 
  • We believe collecting a small fee will encourage attendance, and having an accurate number of attendees helps us prepare and manage the event.

Big Data Day LA 2018 is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 18th, 2018. Remember to reserve your spot now for free.

More Info / Register Now

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